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Depression and the Holidays


Did you know that suicide rates are among the highest during the holidays? This may sound very strange to some of you, but it is true. 395 more words

San Gabriel Valley

Is It Thanksgiving Or "Thanks-Giving"?

At this time of the year, if we listen carefully, we can hear the Spirit of Thanksgiving calling to us, “Remember … remember.” That’s what the practice of “thanks-giving” is – the conscious remembering of undeserved benefits we’ve received. 497 more words

Jay Feld

Dear Middle Child: A Letter from Mom

Today I unexpectedly ended up with time alone with my middle child, a daughter between two sons. I knew based on a recent family therapy session… 1,294 more words


Travelling the World

By Nancy Stoops

Ever since I was a very small girl, I always knew that I wanted to travel around the entire world.

It really all began when I was 17. 399 more words

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Straight Talk With Danice

By Danice Akiyoshi, N.D.

Dear Dr. Akiyoshi:

Six of my neighbors have season tickets to watch a professional sports team that is almost an hour away. 194 more words

Weekly News Columns

Surviving and Thriving in the "Happy Holidays"

The greeting “Happy Holidays!” carries with it the expectation of joy, celebration and happy times. Yet our actual experience of the holiday season is sometimes the opposite. 496 more words

Dr. Jay Feld

Your Own Tapestry

Let’s continue our discussion on emotional intelligence by backing up a bit and looking at who we are from the very beginning of our lives – beginning with our genes and our earliest attachments with our caregivers. 1,229 more words

Emotional Intelligence