Our little Frenchie :)

Our little family holiday has come to an end with Ollie heading back to UK yesterday & Granny arriving back in France.

We’ve had a great week (despite Ollie being ill for a couple of days & Mr Fox making off with a guinea fowl) mostly involving soaking up the sun, eating as many Easter eggs as possible & a little lamb arriving. 61 more words

Family Stuff

Tjapukai Aborigin Park, Cairns, Australia

Tjapukai Aborigin Park is a great place to explore the Aborigin life, with our son. Lots of attractions, shows, lessons, meals and souvenirs.

Language, music, traditions, marriages, social life, art, guns, food, medicine, everything is very traditional and unique to that far end of planet earth. 492 more words


Finding Serenity in Southeast England

Sometimes, amid the sturm und drang of our lives today, it’s easy to  forget what vacations are really all about: the subtle shifts in perspective gained that linger and change the way that you look at your own little world at home long after the trip.  815 more words

Family Travel

Roaming the Roman ruins of Vaison-la-Romaine

I love little old French towns, the ones that have the feeling that they’ve been inhabited forever. And I love ruins, as the ghostly reminder of another town that once was inhabited but no longer so. 436 more words

Family Travel

*The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways

Originally posted on Let’s Get Together**

Dear President Eisenhower,

On behalf of every car-driving, gas-guzzling, interstate-cruising, great-American-road-trip-loving person in these here United States of America, I just want to say thanks! 1,080 more words

Travel With Kids

The Eiffel Tower

Impressive, exciting, a must-see and the place in Paris Son was really desperate to visit - the Eiffel Tower.  I totally get that. For me, few things symbolise this city quite like it. 524 more words


"Permaculture" before it was a word. Uganda for Earth Day

A simple and elegant solution to fertilizing corn.  Plant your peas, which fix nitrogen, next to your corn.

What do you think?

Happy Earth Day