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Smile Please...

I was communicated to last week. Much more communication than normal. More spoken. More emailed. More teleconferences. More instant messages. More individually. And more in groups. 592 more words


Buy to let mortgage to rent to a family member

I want to help a close relative by letting my buy-to-let to them. Can I get a Buy to let mortgage to rent to a family member? 24 more words

Long Distance Family

It’s been almost 5 months now since I moved away from home, and its been an interesting run!

A new city with new possibilities, new people and well, loads of new things essentially. 148 more words


Sunday Dinners & Sunday Blues_Part dos

A week ago I wrote the first part to this Sunday diners post, which you can recap on. HERE. In hopes and anticipation of having a followup to the part un, I decided to publish Part dos, today. 824 more words


My Amazing Mom: A Remembrance

Today, Sunday, November 23, was my mom’s unveiling. It’s an event I had been emotionally dreading for weeks. It’s an event I began to think about upon… 906 more words


Two Shot: Being Again

Being Again

Part 1

A new day, new reason to be happy… Ma was humming merrily while cutting veggies and supervising the cook fry various snacks in kitchen…dad was busy making the workers clean the house spotless even though we’ve done that recently… And bhai did whatever dad told him,  every now and then he kissed my head affectionately while passing by. 1,722 more words