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Do You Name Your Christmas Tree?

It has become a tradition in our house to name the Christmas Tree we choose to represent our celebration of advent every year. In the past we have used the plastic alternative (much to my displeasure!), until my Hubble could be convinced that trees weren’t like the ones we had as children – the prickly needles wouldn’t fall all over the floor and rug coating our living is shards of nasty dead tree! 554 more words

Weekly Trail

Swollen Glands, Sad Eyeballs

Clearly. No one enjoys being sick. I am among these people. Sadly, I have had to spend this glorious Thanksgiving weekend that I have had off from school, sulking in bed with a runny nose and a sore throat! 165 more words


Still giving thanks, the day after Thanksgiving

“They decorate it with silver and gold…”

Jeremiah 10:4

~ 319 more words

First Wife, Second Wife Wars.

A status update i posted on my facebook wall this morning, formed the inspiration behind this post of mine today. For my foreign readers who are probably going `huh?!” at the title, let me explain. 1,025 more words


"Setiap Anak Terlahir Istimewa"

Dari dulu saya paling suka bayi dan balita, apalagi batita gitu, pengen banget nyubit pipi dan nyiumin si bayi itu :D tapi keinginan itu sekedar keinginan hati saja karena rasa ngga enak  juga sama orang tua si bayi  hehehe kayaknya baru  bebas gituin ke anak sendiri :P kalo ke anak orang lain paling ngelus2 rambut dan pipinya hihih.. 993 more words


Like a Child

None of us would like to be called ‘childish.’ That criticism implies selfishness, immaturity or even foolishness.

But Jesus had a different idea. He told his disciples, “ 328 more words


Happy thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble!

This post is a day late, but yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving! We woke up tired from a typical night of night feedings, rocking, and trying to get Joey to sleep..and zachy waking up here and here to add fun to the mix. 78 more words