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Free tickets to the Atlanta Zoo

For those of you living in Atlanta. My oldest son loves animals and he also loves going to the library. We go to the library often and we enjoy that time together. 142 more words


Sunny day in January

Midwestern winters can be very very cold. I usually hide out the below zero temperatures until the beautiful spring arrives. Every once in a while the sun will peek out just long enough to enjoy the snow. 47 more words



Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are enjoying the first few, new days of 2015.

I love New Year, always have. I think it’s the clean slate, blank sheet of paper/ pilesĀ of potential that come following close behind the 1st Jan hangover. 86 more words


Brussel Sprouts have long been misunderstood, overlooked, and forgotten about. The last couple of years we have seen more and more people embracing brussel sprouts, and I happen to be really excited about it.

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Looking back on time in the kitchen

For almost a year now I haven’t worked in a kitchen. Yes I still walk through them every day, I’m still around the people and I haven’t been away from them long enough to forget anything that goes along with working in them. 1,693 more words

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Mommy Monday ~ The ugly truth of my life

Do you ever feel like you can just not keep it all together? Like…how on earth do you keep up with everything? And seriously, don’t you think having to make dinner… 844 more words


Saturday Sauce

I really can’t claim this recipe at all, this is all Michael Symon, however I’m including it for a specific reason and giving all credit to him. 743 more words

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