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Sitting In The Light

Before mamahood and wifehood and life settling into the comfortable routine and rhythms of Hawaii, I spent a lot of my time walking trails, taking road trips and exploring the spaces outdoors that I felt right in. 669 more words


Why is your poop blue!? Oh yeah, you ate a blue crayon.... ugh!

Yup, you read it right. Little Miss S eats crayons. She is four months away from turning 3… and yet she still eats crayons. It doesn’t happen while you are watching her or when her sister is sitting down coloring with her. 252 more words

Being A Mommy

Day 1 of my blog experience!

Well, I have finally done it. I have come to the realization that my life is to outrageous not to share, so here it is folks; a peek inside my brain (which never stops working by the way, it’s a bit frustrating sometimes). 743 more words


Shlangs and Shlagbaums

My family have returned! I’m very happy to no longer be alone in the house, but the construction work has already begun in earnest. The doorway to my room is now more impassible than ever, with the shlagbaums (barriers) reinstated: the keen-eyed among you will also note the permanent red sign forbidding me to cross in the picture below. 214 more words

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On Snot

This topic first came up because Rodion was intrigued that I used tissue paper to blow my nose. This, to him, appeared an immensely odd practice. 115 more words

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Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Halloween happens to be my favorite Holiday of the year! This even happens to be my favorite season! I love the crisp cool air at night, the cooler temps (if 75 degrees can be considered cool) and the beautiful fall colors, which you don’t see much of around here in SoCal. 948 more words

Family Life

The Return of the Nanny

Having had a few drinks last night, I was very much looking forward to a nice lie-in this morning. Instead I awoke in a state of fear to loud banging on my bedroom door. 150 more words

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