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Kinder Transition


The day finally arrived.


One of those cheesy lines about your heart walking around outside your body would be appropriate right here.

It was just so…hard. 457 more words

Daily Life

Finding our Swiss local school

We came to Switzerland from the UK, the land of free choice in schooling. DD1 was 4yrs old when we moved here, so although we missed actually sending her to a UK public school, I remember very well the application process to make sure she got into a ‘good’ primary school. 570 more words


Entering the world of Swiss Public School. Why???

So, the expat part of our Swiss adventure has come to an end ! After four years living in the lovely English speaking bubble of an International School we made the decision to that if was a now or never time to try a Swiss public school. 388 more words


Learning how to Sew.

My daughter got a sewing machine. She was really eager to start her own workshop. This is her first piece. 

I am a proud mum (once again)! 12 more words


Phone Call

Today was the first regular phone call your doctor allowed. I wish I had all the answers that you want to hear. I wish I could easily believe that everything you are telling me is the truth that you are not spinning the tales you think I want to hear. 444 more words


An open letter to my Mama...

In life we experience things that mold us, change us and celebrate us. For a long time, as many adolescent girls, I could not find common ground with my mother. 709 more words

Dogs Are Family Too

My husband is just not an animal person. I guess that is an understatement. He has always despised certain things. When we would visit my Mother’s house he would spend half the time up in our room and was always jumpy around the pets. 375 more words