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This is how to get through to your spouse...

  Have you ever expressed how you feel, as a substitute for throwing anger, accusations or hurtful words at your partner?  Ever noticed how the latter doesn’t work?   142 more words


What matters the most in our life?

A few weeks back, I asked this question to myself. When I’ll be taking my last breath what will it be that I will think about – Job, Money, House, Car, Bank Balance or Fame! 279 more words


How do I make my children listen to me?

I often hear this question from parents and it may seem impossible, but there is a way. First ensure that anything that can distract your child is out of sight and out of hand e.g. 203 more words


A Shared Post

I am usually of the opinion that only lazy bloggers share posts instead of writing their own. But since there has been a group of five contractors jackhammering in my basement all week, original thoughts have given way to the realization that sometimes it’s better to share than to say nothing at all. 1,627 more words


2014 Book Of The Year Award Winner: Older Readers

And the winner is………Wildlife by Fiona Wood

Life? It’s simple: be true to yourself.
The tricky part is finding out exactly who you are…

In the holidays before the dreaded term at Crowthorne Grammar’s outdoor education camp two things out of the ordinary happened. 141 more words