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Famitsu reveals new Bravely Second scans

Since finishing work with Bravely Default, the team at Square-Enix has been developing the sequel, Bravely Second. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently revealed some new scans for the game as well as a preview article.

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More Than Half of Famitsu's Most Wanted List are Console Games

Famitsu in Japan regularly asked its readers the games they most likely want to get. Last July 10 to 16, the voting happened again! Famitsu tallied the votes and then published the results last July 25:


Want To Read Some More Hyrule Warriors Info? Well Here It Is

The Hyrule Warriors information contained within the latest edition of Famitsu has now been translated and you can read it below. Nintendo also updated their… 500 more words


Here's Plenty Of New Hyrule Warriors Information

Not only did the latest edition of Famitsu contain plenty of scans which showcased some of the familiar characters featured in Hyrule Warriors, but it also contained a wealth of… 426 more words


Yokai Watch 2 Sold 1.28 Million Units Over Four Days

Yokai Watch 2 has sold 1.28 million copies according to Famitsu sales tracker. In just four days, the ghost-hunting RPG sequel has broken its predecessors records, selling a grand total of 1,281,096 units across Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. 60 more words


Pokémon ORAS - Detailed E3 Famitsu Screenshots

Everything you need to see before starting your Hoenn adventure. wp.me/p4pRRZ-21a
DePapier (@NintendObserver) July 11, 2014

Are you a boy or a girl?

Getting your first Pokémon.

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