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Do our writing habits define what we write?

While catching up with a fellow blogger today (Holistic Wayfarer), I started to complain about my general ongoing lack of inspiration to write anything currently, when my mind went off on a weird tangent, as it is frequently wont to do. 289 more words

The Write Stuff — General Thoughts On The Writer's Craft

How is your day spent?

I’ve started a new job pretty recently and I’ve been thinking about my daily schedule for obvious reasons.  I think its super important to consider how you’ll be spending your day and especially now that the internet lets us basically do freelance anything, you can pretty much make your own schedule if you want to. 372 more words


The Best Writing Tips

One of my most popular blog posts included quotations by famous authors, so I thought I’d share them again on The Write Stuff. The original post (with pictures and more text) can be found here: … 578 more words

Writing Tips

Birdman: In Search of Raymond Carver

no book today -

instead, a writer -


igniter of literary


& actors,

ignorant of

their own powers

and the power of

drums - 168 more words

Vintage Books

“I write, therefore I Am.”

Ever happened to you that the blank white space stares back at you endlessly? Or the ink just doesn’t wants to bleed? Or probably your captivating thoughts cage themselves refraining from  reflecting onto the paper? 804 more words

Authors And Readers

5 Famous Authors Who Fought the Odds

5 Authors Who Fought the Odds and Lived their Passion

Life experience and passion are necessary to make any kind of writing pop off the page. 1,029 more words


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