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Name of App: Beamly TV
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Zeebox
Cost: Free
Platform(s): Requires iOS 7.0 or later
Pros: Free, easy to use
Cons: Have to make an account… 122 more words

Reality TV vs. An Unborn baby

There are thousands of young adults out there willing to do anything in order to make it onto Reality TV and get their five minutes of fame. 303 more words

Reality TV

Social Media Isn't just "Social" Anymore

Social Media has brought a new world to our everyday lives. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have interconnected us as people to share many things of our interested every moment of the day. 489 more words

The famous alien abduction "barney & betty" (hill abduction) prooves that aliens do exist .

1961-The Hills: Abducted
by Aliens

Their journey into the
unknown began in New Hampshire
in September, 1961, and would
forever change the course of Ufology. 787 more words


Sexy Vegans!

There was recently an article published at telegraph.co.uk by an apparently frustrated author, who had to vent her anger for whatever reasons, on vegans – claiming vegans were not sexy. 591 more words


Rose Homestay

Rose Homestay merangkumi dua bahagian iaitu bahagian atas dan bahagian bawah. Bahagian atas mempunyai 3 bilik, ruang tamu dan dapur. Dapur mempunyai segala kelengkapan memasak. Manakala, pada bahagian bawah, juga mempunyai 3 buah bilik dan sebuah dapur.

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