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So much talent in this world, so little fame to be shared

Every morning I walk to the stop to catch a bus to college and I am never on time. I say, “Punctuality is just not in my genes!” to those who question my inability to turn up on time. 658 more words


From Ramsey St to Wall St, Margot Robbie is no doubt the hottest poster child for Aussie talent since Miranda Kerr.

Not only is she beautiful and talented but at the tender age of 24, she’s starred in a Martin Scorsese movie alongside Leo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Rick’s bestie-turned-walker from The Walking Dead (yeah that guy). 34 more words

10 Famous Faces in The Midland's Hall of Fame

Reading through the book ‘The Midland Hotel, Morecambe’s White Hope’, I was intrigued by a selection of signatures from the 1950s Visitors Book. Some of the personalities I had heard or seen on radio and television, some of the names were vaguely familiar and there were some I knew nothing about.  1,204 more words


Anybody Can Do It - Sort Of

One of my past bosses was prone to saying things like, “If it was easy anybody could do it.” Then he’d immediately add, “And it wouldn’t be fun.” Eventually he contracted all of that down to “If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun.” I never thought much about the implications of what he was saying until I moved on to working for someone else, a guy who was more prone to saying hackneyed things about his aunt not being his uncle because she lacked the balls – or something like that. 848 more words

Trying to understand unique pieces of clothing

I am that type of girl who truly adores fashion, I’ve even made some clothes. What comes to mind when I think about fashion is…. like a bunch of pictures of sketched designs. 98 more words



In pursuit of good Japanese food, The Fat Corner did not pass on the chance to dine in a Japanese restaurant that is very familiar… 765 more words


Kim Kardashian : Hollywood

I’ve resorted to playing Kim Kardashian:Hollywood. I don’t know how I feel about the game as a whole because it’s very repetitive but I also like playing games that are repetitive (see: Runescape, Skyrim, WoW, LoL, the Sims, etc) if the rewards are worth it. 289 more words