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Short encounter (& rejection lol) with Vixx at KBBQ Resturant in KTown

A friend and I decided to go out and eat after the concert Saturday night and found a Korean BBQ restaurant that was still open after 1 AM. 372 more words

[Fan Account] KCON 2014 Saturday, August 9th

I have neglected to blog lately, I apologize. A lot of stuff was happening last week, and then KCON came up and it was amazing. I was supposed to make this yesterday, but I was still so exhausted from Saturday that I gave up. 2,187 more words


[Fanaccount] Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting in Osaka

Fans filled up the seats in the hall on first and second floor for Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting in Osaka.

Teasers were played on the main screen with the OST that was played in the ending. 1,741 more words


[130924] Tổng hợp fan-account của KrisTao ở Đức

Fanacc KT in Berlin

Đào mang theo một cái khăn choàng màu đen sau đó choàng lên người ẻm. Phàm không hề mở miệng than lạnh nhưng ẻm lại đi đến kéo ảnh vào cùng nhau choàng áo. 761 more words


03/08 - [Compilation of Tweets] 2014 JYJ Membership Week – Korean Fanmeeting & Showcase

03/08 – 2014 JYJ Membership Week – Korean Fanmeeting & Showcase

Credit to dongbangdata + fourc_pyc + oh_comma + as tagged

Shared by Geministar06


By dongbangdata… 2,334 more words

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A July of Dream Come Trues

I have read or heard from somewhere that my sign is one of the luckiest this year of the Wooden Horse.   In the past three years I’ve been winning raffles, Facebook and blogging contests left and right and so I really wonder how luckier could I be this 2014.  1,433 more words

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