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[Fanacc] 150116 FTHX live in Paris @La Cigale

Cuối cùng, ngày này cũng đến với mình

Bảo đến Paris một ngày trước concert. Điều kỳ lạ là sau khi tới rồi thì mọi lo lắng, sợ sệt của Bảo về chuyện khủng bố mấy hôm trước bay biến đi đâu hết. 8,806 more words

Fan Account

[FAN ACC] Mother of a Fanboy Who Attended the Star Night As A Blogger

Because he’s so handsome, he startled me. He’s the actor, Park Yuchun. From the time he first appeared, he’s unusual, whether he smiles or doesn’t smile, he’s a cool actor. 116 more words


Part-time Staff At A Studio Met JYJ

Recently, I am getting experience and earning money through part-timing at a studio. This week, I met some special people. It’s JYJ!

JYJ was selected as ambassadors for the 7th World Water Forum, right? 146 more words


[FAN ACC] Fan tells Yuchun he's handsome - JYJ Fan Sign

NOTE: This was during JYJ’s fansign

Fan: Hi (bows)
YC: Hi~
YC: (discovers a Post-It) Your name is Pama?
Fan: It’s my name! ㅇㅇ 34 more words


[FAN ACCOUNT] Yuchun Drawing A Heart

NOTE: This was during JYJ’s Fansign Event

Fan asked Yuchun to write “To.ㅇㅇ야ㅇㅅㅇ♥ 포스트잇”
YC wrote ‘ㅇㅇ야’ then he stopped looking like he was going to refuse. 54 more words


[FAN ACC] Yuchun's Visit To A Pet Shop

Late evening, JYJ’s Park Yuchun and his friends visited. Even though he came in comfortable clothes, it looked like he had a halo (describing that he was glowing). 230 more words