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"Never forget what you are..." - Tyrion Lannister.

Sound advice from Tyrion Lannister and George RR Martin. I certainly have taken this on board and put it into good practice on many an occasion. 72 more words


Heide's Tower of Triangles

Inspired by the location from Dark Souls 2.

Had great fun making this and am going to try Brume tower next.

Samuel Bailey

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 114

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Trees that eat people up and spit ‘em out…lost dogs that appear when you least expect them…there is something seriously weird going on here. 476 more words

Fan art

Hey guys,

So this was in my mailbox this morning :)

this piece of art is made by Lissie an amazing fan art thingy!!

Its beautiful!!! 67 more words


The Knife of Never Letting Go Fan Art!

At the library, we always get jazzed about artwork, be it creative doodling, a painted masterpiece, or a well-placed quote in a nifty font – so long as the artwork isn’t crafted onto one of our books. 46 more words



Bxtrolls is such a fun movie! This isn’t an accurate rendition but most of it was made from memory. I had to reference the face though. Fan Art!


Proving Your Best - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki has been through a lot, for which I’m surprised that he’s handled all of that and come out fighting at the end of it all. 98 more words

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