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Jimmy Page in his Stormtrooper outfit

Jimmy Page in his “Stormtrooper Outfit” which included various, sunglasses, suspenders, and a hat resembling a German WWII SS Visor. Here Jimmy is carved on wood and acrylics used.


Attack on Dragon Ball Z

Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball are some of the more popular anime’s which a lot of us fans could watch over and over again, the story and amazing fights are just magnificent. 78 more words

Daily Anime Art

LIFE + DOTA (Ep.2 Rude)


I’m no fighter, i probably can’t throw a proper punch, nor don’t know what would become of me taking one. What I do know is…with my mean look, there’s no need for violence, it’ll scare the fish out of them. 8 more words


Gilles Bone Digital Art and Illustration

My good friend Gilles Bone has been working his butt off for as long as I have known him to create the best art he can, and you may recognize his stuff from lots of popular 24 hour tee sites. 232 more words

Sailor Moon

Im Siwan: Misaeng


Decided to draw Siwan because he’s just amazing and adorable in Misaeng. I also like ZE:A, since they’re were one of the first kpop groups I got into. 60 more words



Finalised Deadpool piece, now available on my Redbubble profile. Hope you like it!


Completed Design