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Putting the "atic" back in "fanatic"; or, why I don't love Shannon Hale

I hope you have real people in your real lives who can hear your thoughts, be your friends, support and comfort you, read your marvelous words, and love you.

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The Success of Crowdsourcing a Fandom

In Frank Kleeman’s “Un(der)paid Innovators,” crowdsourcing can be boiled down to:

Tak place when a profit oriented firm outsources specific tasks essential for the making or sale of its product to the general public […] with the intention of animating individuals to make a contribution to the firm’s production process for free or for significantly less than that contribution is worth to the firm.

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The Craziness of Fans

Fans or fandom is something that is has been changing over the years as it is one of the most important factors surrounding any film, TV show, sports entertainment, celebrities etc. 850 more words

Fandoms have oft been portrayed in mass media circuits as being conducive to little more than stirring up trouble amongst women and the youth, and it can be said that fandoms have only increased in number. 557 more words

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Things We Love: Fandoms!

I’m a big fan of internet fandoms. Some of the funniest things on the interwebs are tumblr conversations and fan comics. I’ve been doing some thinking about why we love fandoms. 388 more words

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Fans Who Love to Spoil

Seven noble families fight amongst themselves for power, honor, sex, and bloodlust in the land of Westeros in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. Anticipated by those who fell in love with the books years before, HBO’s  262 more words