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Grey Havens YA Welcomes our First Guest Speaker

Did you know that one of Dr. Watson’s Neglected Patients joined us around the Grey Havens YA table last week? That’s right, Dr. Elisha Conant shared her Sherlockian expertise as she led us in a discussion of “The Speckled Band.” 233 more words


Pride, Prejudice, and Perversion: A Virtual Trip to Akiba

How a sketchy low-budget open world game perfected the art of nerdbaiting while making strip kung-fu a thing.  1,615 more words


My family is obsessed with Tolkien (no spoilers)

For Christmas, my mother, my boyfriend, and me all went to see the The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. I’ll withhold most commentary, as I do not wish to spoil. 364 more words


The Wicked + The Divine 6

Today, Suzanne and Spencer Spencer and Drew are discussing The Wicked + The Divine 6, originally released December 17th, 2014.Spencer: I’ve gone to a lot of shows by myself over the last couple of years, but it’s rare that I’m ever lonely. 1,753 more words

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West Ham United Taraftarlarının Populer Tezahuratı

I’m forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
And like my dreams,
They fade and die, 104 more words

Fan Culture

When fan theories become canon, or Korrasami: a love story.

Probably spoilers ahead, I would not recommend reading this is you haven’t finished watching the legend of korra yet.

So lets talk about bisexuals. Well let’s talk about the legend of korra season finale, and how great it was. 1,339 more words

Episode 003 - Lari talks Finnish football culture & SJK

Lari talks about the origins of football culture in Finland, and the history of Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho (SJK)

Guest: Lari Paski, Supporters Liaison Officer at SJK and football fanatic… 21 more words

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