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Falling Swiftly: Get Excited For 1989-Era Taylor Swift

Does anyone else feel a little like the Taylor tide is turning? Mama gonna ride that wave.

Taylor Swift has always been a curiously divisive public figure. 1,750 more words


It's Okay to Not Like Fan Fiction

Quite a while back, I wrote a post called In Defense of Fan Fiction, where I basically just got upset at authors who don’t think people should write fan fiction of their work. 757 more words


Harry Potter vs. Star Wars: Award-winning Fanboys

Hello dear readers!

Today we’re diving straight into some super exciting web video tales starring wizards, Jedi knights and two Aussie boys.

Last Tuesday, Danny and Michael Philippou achieved greatness, winning best overall video at the Australian Online Video Awards. 571 more words

Web Video

special, but not special

While in the gym doing some much-needed cardio and listening to an Alstroemeria remix album I stumbled on this little gem, one which I’d loved in the past but had forgotten. 807 more words

Pokemon and Soft Power Part 2: Kawaii and Consumption.

I came across an article this week that discussed the concept of Kawaii and how this seemly abstract notion that best translates as “cute” in English is incorporated into Japanese consumerism. 333 more words

Can Fandom Change Society?

The video was about how fandom has changed society. That fandom has become a pervasive culture on the internet. That fans are able to be more creative because of that fact that they’re in a fandom. 169 more words

"In Which Amal Puts Her Philosophy Teacher Hat On," by Amal Nahurriyeh

Curator’s Note: This week, we’re looking at meta that discusses inter-fandom conflict and debate, beginning with amalnahurriyeh’s piece on the dynamics of argumentation within fandom. 1,920 more words