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Interview with Randall Landers, Producer of Project Potemkin

Randall Landers is happily married and with three wonderful children. Randy is the owner of a small videography studio in Albany, Georgia. Prior to launching… 1,634 more words


Short Thoughts: Week 5

Do you like short films? Of course you do, they’re the best way to burn ten minutes of your day here and there and require such minimal commitment. 498 more words

Joe Aldous

All of Star Wars Episode IV Being Created In Minecraft

So a mad man is painstakingly recreating all of Star Wars Episode IV in Minecraft, and frankly, it looks amazing. I would almost say it looks better then the digital “remastering” abominations Lucas forced into our homes. 65 more words

Video Games

Link's Shadow: Link Rides to the Rescue Again in The Land of Hyrule

Link’s Shadow The Legend of Zelda

Okay so far for short film theatre we had a lot of genre stuff that include steam punk, fantasy, horror and science fiction. 444 more words

Short Film

Perspective & Following on from Requiem

Helloo, its another blog posting, so soon? yeah I know lol

Got 2 things for ya

No.1 – Perspective

I have just finished the final page for the Silent Hill Requiem storyboard, I ended up turning my 61 page script into 150 page storyboard, with on average 6 panels per page, so yeah, that’s a lot of shots. 514 more words

Bronies are Awesome (Part 2)

A continuation of my series of the best fan-made content that I believe even the most adamant anti-brony could agree is fantastic!