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Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs!

I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this but the geeky me is feeling a little excited. A group of passionate fans is making a fan-film about the marauders of Harry Potter! 195 more words

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Attention Fan Film Makers!

On October 30, 2014, the Fan Film Awards opened the official date of submission, and two new rules were added: (1) we require Entrant’s Paypal Email for royalties during the screening, and (2) the permission to showcase your fan film on Festhome OnDemand is automatically agreed upon submission. 121 more words

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Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy

Fans of properties often create Fan-Games, Fan-Art, Fan-Music and Fan-Films. These can either be good or bad, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy is definitely good. The film was started in 2002 when it’s director Giacomo Talamini and his friends had just graduated from High School in Italy. 425 more words

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BTS of BLADE: Bad Blood

Here are a few Behind the Scenes shots of the family when Joel (Mateo de Paz) acted as a vampire in the fan film “BLADE: Bad Blood”.   18 more words


Nightwing the Series: Episode 1-5 Review

Hello readers, Reviewer of Steel here with what seems to be just a thing now, as I look at the fan film/ webseries Nightwing!

White Flash had turned me onto this show, but I wanted to wait for the last episode or part to air before I look at it, though I could have written this whole review after the first episode because of how I felt about it, but without any further a due, lets look at this thing! 485 more words

Scientific Adviser

‘Scientific Adviser’ is a short-subject comedy loosely based around Doctor Who that I’m planning. Should be a giggle.

‘John Smith’ fell to earth with a bump. 187 more words

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“Dog Food”

“Dog Food” is about  a ethical (Hipster) butcher in Brooklyn America who receives threats from a far right animal rights movement. You can probably see where this story is going to go from a mile away, but having said that it does not matter as the ending is quite surprising.  33 more words