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Defuse on The Fly

Great video. But at the 1:55 minute mark, the chicken magically no longer has the bomb strapped to it’s back…

Fan Films

Impressive proof of concept short film: "Envoy"

“Envoy  is a science fiction, action adventure, short film to be used as a proof of concept for a larger full-length motion picture. A love-letter to many of the classic action-adventure and science fiction films of the ’80s & ’90s, Envoy is a passion-project created by Director David Weinstein and Visual Effects Supervisor Adam Coggin” 90 more words

Fan Films

Firefly Fan Film

Unfortunately Firefly ended earlier than it should because at the time it aired it didn’t turn out with the needed numbers to continued but once off air the show grew a cult following and that is what spawned the movie Serenity. 72 more words


Spawn: The Recall

There is a totally cool Spawn fan film that has appeared

It’s entitled Spawn: The Recall
The synopsis from the official site reads as follows: 99 more words

Movies And Trailers

Ryan Reynolds Loves Deadpool!

So with the Deadpool test footage being leaked and the announcement today that the Deadpool movie is official for 2016 instead of a crappy Fantastic Four reboot sequel, all I can say is…. 452 more words

Popular Culture & Entertainment

Wanna know what a Star Wars airport looks like?

Computer animator Frank Wunderlich uploaded this several months ago with tags that this was “potentially” leaked footage from the set of Star Wars VII, but for those of us who saw this, we all know that wasn’t the case. 116 more words