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Dr. Who?

Just so you know; I have yet to delve into Dr. Who myself. I’ll get there eventually. What I know of Dr. Who is pop culture references; maybe a bit more. 204 more words

Shoes A La Art

"Daleks Must Be Destroyed"

This week’s episode of Doctor Who was “Into the Dalek” written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat. I’m still adjusting to the new intro. I really like the clock gears, but I wish there was more time vortex instead of just clocks swirling around. 525 more words


DAY 243 of 365: DanRis

I ship DanRis (Daniel Matsunaga and Maris Racal). Please excuse my fan girl feels but I just love their closeness. Di pilit yung pairing. They love each other as siblings and I admire how caring Daniel is to a little sister like Maris. 103 more words

365 Challenge

DAY 242 of 365: SkyDragon

The Leaders performance on GD’s One of a Kind world tour. #cto

I am a devout DaraGon shipper but I cannot deny my love for SkyDragon. 118 more words

365 Challenge

Meeting You Me At Six

I wasn’t doing anything after our fieldwork and I was hung up on kissing Josh Franceschi of You Me At Six last night so I made this and had my friend take a photo.


Daily Dose Of Me

DAY 241 of 365: Popped

Started reading Chinggay Labrador’s Popped. I can really relate to the story since I am a fan girl. I can just imagine the Korean dramas marathon, online merch, Kpop music, and everything about Korea. 184 more words

365 Challenge

Whew what a Tour!! Any chance the boys of One Direction heading back up to Canada?!

Weellll I can only hope that one of these days the answer will be yes!!!
In the meantime I’ve really been having a blast following the WWATOUR, from it’s start in South America, over to Uk and Europe, now back over to North America. 88 more words

One Direction