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Fan Review: The Puzzler in the Pit

Okay, maybe I’m imagining things. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I was reminded this morning of just how subjective everything is about how we view the show, but I feel like I’m seeing a theme this season, and whether or not it’s intentional on the writers’ part, I love it. 1,575 more words


Fan Review: The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round (Bones)

One of the things I most appreciate about Bones is the different types of stories they tell. Drama, humor, action, science…it’s all there, and I suspect that variety is one of the reasons for the show’s longevity.   1,600 more words


Fan Review: The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

I’m having trouble finding the right words for this episode, as the usual ones all feel inadequate. It seems too sad to call it beautiful, and too powerful for it to matter whether or not I can say I loved it – though all are true. 1,688 more words


Fan Review: The Corpse at the Convention (Bones)

Can I just start by saying that forensic science conventions are a lot more interesting than the ones in my profession?

Er, right.  Anyway…it’s freaking awesome that, ten seasons in, the show continues to entertain me the way it does, continues to find new ways to tell me things about these characters, new ways to make me feel. 1,546 more words


Fan Review: The Geek in the Guck (Bones)

Bones has a range of story types, from light-hearted and silly to dramatic and sad. The normal, though, is humor and drama mixed together without too much angst, and this was a great episode with which to get things back to that normal after a rough few weeks: there are no mentions here of Sweets or false imprisonment. 1,955 more words


Fan Review: The Purging of the Pundit (Bones)

From a character perspective (which, granted, is mostly why I watch the show) I adore this episode. It matters to me a great deal that Sweets is so present, that we see all of them stumbling over how to live in a world where he isn’t, because that feels authentic. 1,446 more words


Star Wars Rebels Official Fan Review From TFISWTG

We do things a little differently on ForceStrong News.  The fans will be ‘writing’ our reviews for popular shows, movies, and other pop culture that we follow.   545 more words

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