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Fan Review: The Cold in the Case

I like to believe I’m fairly articulate (if way too wordy most of the time) but one thing I often have trouble expressing is exactly what it is that I love about… 1,612 more words


Fan Review: The High in the Low (Bones)

First things first: there’s a lot I love here, and if you’ve read any of my earlier reviews, none of it will be a surprise. 1,895 more words


Fan Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’ve been visiting friends, and since one of our group hadn’t seen all of the Marvel films, we watched Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World… 1,240 more words

Fan Review

Fan Review: The Turn in the Urn

One of my favorite things about Bones is how often it surprises me, gives me moments when I’m touched by something I didn’t expect to be.   1,255 more words


Fan Review: The Carrot in the Kudzu

It sounds like a bizarre logic problem: I do not expect to love every episode of Bones, but the fact that there is always something I like about it is why I love the show as a whole. 1,833 more words


Fan Review: The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

It’s probably no secret by now that the lighter episodes don’t work as well for me as do the more serious ones.  While I enjoy the humor embedded in even the darker ones, and respect that the show has fans who watch for the ‘medy’ in the ‘dramedy’ as much as I do the drama, the more intentionally funny ones don’t usually hit my hot button. 2,050 more words


One Night In Daggerfall

Roar of the daedric plane of Coldharbour still ringing in my ears, I awoke from my trip to the afterlife. Vital instructions spoken to me just moments before all but vanished from my mind as I stepped outside into the cobbled streets of the coastal city of Daggerfall. 1,969 more words

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