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Heart Murmurs - Chapter 6

Oh boy this one has taken me a long-long time to complete.  Partially because my injury has prevented me from completing the chapter, but also life sort of got terribly busy and I had less time for writing. 20 more words

Fan Fiction

(Chapter 8) 1: So Fell Lord Perth

So fell Lord Perth, and the countryside did shake with thunder. (Stephen King)

Richard Fannin mused at the predicament he had left both Gloria and Henry Dean in, and decided to leave them in the predictable hands of Ellis Parker, while he checked on one of the other ‘irons on the fire’.


(Chapter 7) 2: Trouble Up The Line

Roland pulled the cheroot from his mouth, letting the smoke escape slowly from the side of a snarl that seemed to twitch at the sound of the name… 1,375 more words


(Chapter 7) 1:A Ticket To Ride

Both trains slowly passed in opposite directions, one taking the circular line,the other taking the path of the great bear Shardaik. Roland and Jack Mort watched as Dale and Susan slowly waved from the other carriage as it trundled from the cradle, and Roland’s first thought was “shes alive, praise the gods she is alive!” His next though was “how do we get off this contraption?” Jack Mort ran over to the door but by now the train was accelerating away from the station platform, the di polar engines whining loudly through the shattered windows along the carriage door.


(Chapter 6) 9: Hall of Mirrors

The doorway opened to a bizarre kaleidoscope of more doorways, forever stretching into eternity. It was like looking into a mirror with another mirror. Gloria gazed into the hypnotic image in a trance like state, as Henry peered in beside her.


(Chapter 6) 8: Speedy Parkers Magic Juice.

Henry ran down to where Gloria stood, her outstretched hand frozen by the door knob.”Gloria..wait,,just wait. Lets just think about this for a second before you go guns blazin’ into the twilight zone. 1,380 more words


(Chapter 6) 7: The Last Door

It was over before it started, and Henry opened his eyes to find himself standing upright in another dimly lit cavern.When he turned around, he saw he was standing in front of the doorway he had presumably just fell through. 1,549 more words