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Crazy for Colfer: The Day I Met Chris

┬áThe best day of my life has to be the day that I met Chris Colfer. I’ve wanted to meet Chris since the beginning of… 275 more words


Movies i recenrlty watched - IMDb

Sinister 2012 – IMDb.

Pretty good and scary movie…

The Physician (2013) – IMDb.

Good movie about religion and suppression of science in 11th Century AD… 25 more words


#AnnasAfterMovie Fanfic on the big screen

It’s time to recjoice, my fellow fangirls! For we are more talented than we thought. One of the most known fan fictions in the Directioner fandom, … 187 more words


Three Exhausts (2014)

1. Engine.

2. Fan.

3. People.


Playing the business card-

Working extra hard.


The World of the Big Lebowski Fan

From bowling alley, to college courses to cons you will find “The Big Lebowski” fan. Delve into film reception in “Fan Phenomena The Big Lebowski” edited by Zachary Ingle, $22.00 paper. 19 more words