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Fancy RATS

  Many people consider rats animals horrible, dirty and aggressive. Today I will show  that in   fact they can be affectionate companions, clean and with a nose absolutely  delicious. 88 more words


Welcome Eevee and Zelena!

The girls are HEEEEEERE and I’m 99.9% sure I have rattie fever. I’m at school now with free time and all I want is my babies to play with! 57 more words

It's Now A Waiting Game...

It’s now just a waiting game! The cage is almost 100% ready to go, and the video about it can be found here! http://youtu.be/onVPSpgDjq4

Since the teacher strike is happening up here in B.C., we’re likely going to be missing the last week of school (including the exams, yay!), opening up a time period to MAYBE go pick the ratties up. 136 more words

Critter Nation and YouTube!

Alright, two main points to cover in this post.


Numero une: We ordered a single Critter Nation from Amazon on Wednesday the 28th I believe. It was scheduled to arrive on June the fifth. 277 more words