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'I Ship It': Short Film Review

Over my time on this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy reviewing things. Make-up, games, movies, books…there’s been a lot. Sometimes I find it a bit of a chore, but sometimes it’s an absolute pleasure. 740 more words


Snaffle This Post

There is a snaffler among us and this  person must be dealt with, swiftly and harshly. The following was shared on Twitter a few weeks ago without the prior permission of the creator and copyright holder of the work. 1,006 more words

Richard Armitage

Happy Birthday Nicole! ~ Photo Story

“When will she get here?” Asked Molly

“I don’t know,” said Hazel “she’s been away for like a million hours!”

“We wouldn’t be sitting here is you guys just let me bake the cake!” Said Emma-Rose… 213 more words


Inspiration Station - October 2014 #color trends

Holloween is next week. What?! I’m not ready.  I’m looking  for July weather. What happened?

Yes, I admit that denial has set in. It feels summer went too quickly. 263 more words


Tracing, Lies, and the Ethics of Art

No Game, No Life creator Kamiya Yuu was recently accused of tracing. A Twitter account devoted to comparing his works to other images was created, and has been posting comparisons for evaluation. 727 more words