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Consumerism and Comics

A recent nerdy discussion with a friend yielded an interesting aspect of comics. I readily admit I’m not a comic book fan; I never have been. 727 more words

The Goldies - Week 4

This week we are only releasing ONE category because of its enormity! We want to know what was your FAVORITE episode of The Goldbergs Season 1! 105 more words

The Goldbergs

(G)C.A. 3: "Picture That!"

Another day, another news article I can twist and contort to fit my narrative…

The article.

Once upon a time…white kid in poverty…yadayadayada. Two types of music I’ve always identified with are hip-hop and punk rock; they have a lot more in common than you might notice. 1,013 more words


The care and feeding of social media

I’ve blogged about the band and social media many, many times. I’ve had fans tell me that I’ve got it wrong – that we fans should be thrilled that Duran Duran are even on social media at all,  and that they really don’t  1,341 more words

Duran Duran

In Which I Agree to Disagree

So a relative “nobody” Indonesian cosplayer decided to post his magnum opus to the ‘net the other day. He entitled this dispatch “Cosplay Realities That You Must Accept.” He stated clearly he was going to lay it down in a harsh way, and he did. 688 more words

Back to School Geek Style: The Walking Dead

A show that has a lot of people raving about it is The Walking Dead. The show has more followers than I ever thought it would get considering it is after all a cliché end of the world show. 761 more words


My Obsession With Romeo and Juliet

I have not always been a fan of Romeo and Juliet. I was an early overachiever and first read a version, not Shakespeare’s, of the tale when I was in the fourth grade. 656 more words