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Recap and Predictions

In Boy Bands 101, we’ve covered a variety of topics under the umbrella of boy bands, fandom, and sexuality, including homosexual boy band fans’ experiences… 344 more words

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From fan to fan-academic/academic fan

It must have been this time of the year five years ago, when I took a few decisions that landed me where I am now. If you’re reading this, you might know about me that I’m a PhD candidate and lecturer at a university, and that my research is about people’s popular music memories from a recent past. 956 more words

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"Digital Get Down": Boy Bands and Social Media

Previous Boy Bands 101 posts have mentioned how social media has changed the ways in which boy band fans express and carry out their fandom. However, the topic of boy bands and social media deserves its own in-depth post, for the Internet truly has impacted most aspects of boy band culture, from fan interaction to individual members’ personal branding. 598 more words

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CNET: “Doctor Who” has featured some of the most beloved, terrifying, and hilarious characters in science fiction history. Whether it’s the horrifying Weeping Angel statues that creep closer if you blink, or the endearing moment when robot dog companion K-9 first utters the words “Affirmative, Master,” every fan has a moment that holds special sentimental value. 159 more words

"The Three Amigos!" Quote-Along Alamo Drafthouse May 5 ~Yonkers~

These three amigos are down on their luck and up to their necks in senoritas, margaritas, banditos and bullets. As ‘Ned’, ‘Lucky Day’ and ‘Dusty Bottoms’ attempt to act their way out of a serious situation, you can play along with a plethora of props, a delicious taco special menu and all of your favorite lines subtitled.

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The Finished Products

As I’ve discussed regularly, I have spent the past year working on a website focusing on food insecurity in Tuscaloosa, Ala. What I haven’t mentioned quite so often, though, is that while I was working on my site, six other people were also putting their hearts and souls into websites on different issues and subjects in Tuscaloosa.  396 more words

Tips for Surviving C2E2

The Culture Cast crew are no strangers to comic book conventions. Between the three of us, we have attended multiple conventions over several years. Yes, we realize that might be a bit sad, but we accept the lives we lead. 2,097 more words