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The culprit is Cosplay?

There are many who are trying to find the problems that at the heart of the convention scene. While some believe that one of the biggest problems is a lack of respect with one another, others are pointing the finger of blame at a different aspect of the scene. 486 more words

Con Stories

8+1 Complete

The news about Jessica leaving Girls Generation has been flooding our chatbox eversince this week started. I feel sad of course, because Jessica is my bias from the group. 160 more words

Personal Rants

Dexter & The Pinterest Wedding Board Evolutionary Stroke

So I’ve become obsessed with Dexter.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when they’ve recently finished Eastbound & Down and it’s 2AM and they’re staring at their Netflix queue and suddenly lock eyes with Michael C. 389 more words


In Marked Contrast to My Retraction Regarding Gotham

The Misgivings I had regarding the Season 6 finale of Castle http://tariencole.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/so-im-not-saying-the-season-6-cliffhanger/ were born out by the Season 7 opening.

Warning, if you have not seen the episode yet, SPOILERS ENSUE. 775 more words

Doctor Who- The Blood Cell

I admit the first con I ever went to, I was completely overwhelmed with Doctor Who. There were Doctors as far as the eye could see. 166 more words


Book Club Meetup - Chamber of Secrets

Words by Terrea Riggs. Pictures by Terrea Riggs and Alyssa Hancock.

Nothing beats the feeling of being welcomed home. I haven’t been away, I just never get over walking into an event late and being greeted warmly by my wizard friends (and this time the bartender, too!). 320 more words

Harry Potter

Swedish Voting Instructions for Worldcon

After writing the post “So, You Want to Vote on Worldcon Location? Yay!” I’ve been asking various friends and associates if they can help translate the info into their native languages, to get the word out.  1,142 more words