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TOTD Notes Pt. 1

Happy Whuesday! Okay, so I finally watched “Time Of The Doctor” (Holy feels, Batman!) and I decided to write about it. Spoilers ahead.

(By the way, there were so many notes, it’s probably going to take several posts to finish this out. 1,370 more words

Doctor Who

You see what had happened was...

For the second time now (or is the third…I lost count) I have said I was going to be posting more and being committed and all that jazz just to complete turn around and not follow through. 580 more words


I feel so proud of myself.


As I’ve said before I am a bit of a nerd, I would not say I was a huge nerd because I do like a lot of un nerdy stuff. 856 more words

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell : A book review

Book review time!

This book will catch your attention so fast you will have not time to say goodbye to your life or friends, because you probably will find it too difficult to put it down. 336 more words

eeeehehehehe oh god

sorry (i’m so not sorry) to say Ironman+Captain America always makes my day, in any way those two are dished up i love them