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TFIOS Exclusive Clip!

An exclusive clip for the “The Fault in our Stars” movie was released just the other day!

The clip is titled “Metaphor”. If you haven’t seen it already, I’ve listed it above!

My feels are everywhere.


TFIOS Trailer

What do you guys think of the TFIOS Trailer? I think the movie is going to be fabulous! Shai and Ansel are obviously the perfect actors for Hazel and Augustus!


How to find the emotion in your character

The following images are all mine and probably terrible but its the best reference I can give you for your own characters facial expressions.

facial Expression 1… 343 more words


So this is fanfiction?

Sometimes, I’m slow. Like, embarrassingly slow.

Even after I started tentatively reading fanfiction, it took me a long time to realise that a lot of the stories I’ve written are just that: fanfics based on whatever book, TV show, or movie that inspire me. 152 more words


The changing face of my Pinterest self

Back when I worked at my university paper The Cascade, I wrote an article titled, “The truth behind my Pinterest boards.” In it, I described the identity crisis I was having: 604 more words

Just A Thought

My Bookish Fetish(es)

So Death Week has turned into Fatal Fortnight and therefore everything is psychology, studying, referencing, and real-life writing all the time. At least until tomorrow night. 851 more words

Extorting Bibliophilia

My Obsession With Fiction

Firstly, I’d like to apologise to all of my readers for being absent the last few weeks. I hate letting people down but I’ve been super busy with things going on. 763 more words