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[Fanfic] Love Fool (Part1)

Main Cast:

  1. Lee Jieun or IU
  2. Lee Byunghun or Teen Top’s L.Joe
  3. Teen Top’s Members

= = = = =

“Straight to the point, would you be my girlfriend?” Ljoe who is sitting, then stand up and looks at a girl in front of him. 1,565 more words


Love Eternal Chapter 22

Eric’s POV

I wake up and dig myself out of my resting place under the rocks. I was able to hollow out a nice spot so maybe I would not be covered in dirt when Sookie arrived. 3,088 more words

Eric Northman

[Star Trek fic] Strike a Match and Burn Us to the Ground [James T. Kirk/Chris Pine]


สุขสันต์วันเกิด(ย้อนหลัง)นะจ๊ะไพน์ _(:3 J L)_


(ps. มันเรทนะจ๊ะ)

(ps2. กดที่ลิ้งค์ได้เลย)


Strike a Match and Burn Us to the Ground

by seventeensteps

And Chris was quite certain that this dude wasn’t just his obsessive look-alike cosplayer. 17 more words


Chansoo| Hai nửa thế giới - Chương 8

Hai nửa thế giới

by Rian

Chương 8

Khánh Thù,ngươi sinh ra vốn đã là một điều ngu ngốc nhất trên đời.Và kẻ khôn ngoan như ta phải có sứ mệnh diệt trừ bằng được thứ ngu ngốc đó, bằng chính đôi tay này.Chỉ ta,Phác Xán Liệt chứ không phải ai khác.

4,059 more words

Alex's Declassified Writing Survival Guide - Part 2!

Guess what, my dear readers?

I, Alex, the writer who often develops new ideas to write but rarely ever finds the motivation to actually do the thing, has started a new original story at last! 1,227 more words

Lincoln Memorial University

Tyrion Lannister. Cat version.

Tyrion Lannister is in a prison of  Eyrie. This cat also smaller than others, and you can call him Halfcat.

Funny collection “Cats of Vesteros” 6 more words


John Snow. Cat version

John Snow with Ghost near the Wall… Night’s Watcher and his direwolf.  Together they are looks so cute, is it?)

This is one more cat from my funny collection “Cats of Vesteros”

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