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Chapter 45

Chapter Forty-Five.

Harry’s POV

It felt slightly cool on my skin, the warmth of a second body absent from the bed.  I sleepily patted the covers around me, expecting to find Bo.  1,643 more words


Chicken soup for the C/C-shipping soul

Ugh. RL just will not let up. This week a vicious cold befell yours truly; not being able to update the blog was a consequence. To be honest, my vision is a little blurry at the moment — not sure if I should be blaming the cold or the computer monitor — but either way I’m going to have to be brief. 202 more words

The Prejudice Against Original Characters in the Fanfic World

Prejudice…and even outright HATRED toward original characters are not uncommon in the world of fanfic.  Original characters are, often than not, frowned upon in fanfictions.  Here are the reasons why: 405 more words


Chapter 44

Chapter Forty-Four.

I had remained in bed for two days;  cuddling in the safety of my duvet.  When I had built up the courage to inspect the damage my face had sustained, the sight frightened me.  2,607 more words


[Longfic][ChanBaek] Này! Đừng chạy nữa- Chap 13


Biện Bạch Hiền khi say quả thật rất khó chiều. Điển hình là lúc đang bị Phác Xán Liệt vác trên vai thế này. 1,808 more words

Losing every breath 1.

Part 1.

Taehyung ngồi trên băng ghế ở công viên, nơi mà những giọt nước từ vòi phun đằng sau có thể chạm tới lưng mình. 5,463 more words