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I Got No Control... No Control

So, okay.

Today we had a family get-together kind of thing. It’s just me, my mom and my dad. I had my haircut done while they settled for pedicures and manicures (yes, my dad had a mani-pedi) and it was a really fun time. 240 more words


Rasup gamat, Middle Earth*

Tulisan berbahasa Indonesia

Gue mengakui, gue bukan termasuk fans Middle Earth sejak dulu. Waktu Lord of the Rings (LotR) keluar, gue baru umur 10 tahun dan gue sama sekali nggak ngerti jalan ceritanya. 790 more words


My 5 Stages of Boredom.

I am at work (a receptionist at a gym), where I spend a good 80 % in front of the computer. The remaining 20% is for re-filling coffee, do some cleaning, answering calls, signing contracts – work stuff. 502 more words


Five Stages of Obsession

I inherently do not trust people who aren’t a fan of something. You could be passionate about your academic subjects, gardening, politics, books, series, movies, sociology (fancy way of saying ‘gossip’) or even your job but you are either lying or LYING if you tell me you can’t gush over any single topic for 45 minutes straight without coming up for air! 327 more words

Bloody Sodding Nerd

Christmas Countdown 4 - 2015 Releases

Today for my Christmas post, I’ll be listing some of the book, film and TV releases I’m looking forward to in 2015! I’ll probably update this post soon after more releases are announced! 500 more words


I Heart JT !

So today I came across a video of Justin Timberlake being reduced to tears after receiving a gift from a 10 year old …. I know …. 349 more words

{BOOK TAG} • 'Tis The Season Tag

1. Do you have a favourite winter read? Okay, this is probably irrelevant but when I think of winter, the first book that comes to my mind is City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare because well, it was based around Christmas time and IT WAS AWESOME! 314 more words