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Osaka Trip (23-26 Agustus 2013) - Another Dream Came True

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

Setelah mendaki gunung lewati lembah melewati berbagai tantangan, gue bersyukur akhirnya bisa menginjakkan kaki di Osaka-jo Hall, tempat konser NEWS. Pas ngelihat bentuk atap dan tulisan Osaka-jo Hall, sebenernya gue malah inget Dir en grey, band J-rock yang pernah gue kagumi, yang konsernya di Osaka-jo Hall tahun 1999 menjadi salah satu konser favorit gue. 958 more words


Ripples and Waves and Good Vibrations

I’ve had quite the epic birthday. And it had almost nothing to do with turning 32 (which was nice and relaxing and wonderful and full of love but I digress). 595 more words

Justin Timberlake

‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’ US & Canada 2015

Recently, 5SOS announced their Rock Out With Your Socks Out 2015 tour was going to the UK and Europe, then they announced it in Australia and New Zealand (woo hoo, I’m going). 90 more words


Fandoms/Fan Wars/The Fandom Games

(Of course not all fans do this, but there are always certain people who will fight over their fandoms.)

I don’t understand why fandoms fight over things at all. 277 more words

Fandom Wars

Collector's Edition?!?!?!

I have a little problem. I just found out that Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has the. Most. Beautiful. COLLECTORS EDITION I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

I don’t have it. 238 more words

[Reaction/Fangirling] JYJ - Back Seat MV

Okay, so JYJ’s new MV for Back Seat came out today and…here are my basic reactions in order.  And the screencaps/gifs with the subbing are from… 890 more words


Fangirling Over Fangirl

Rainbow Rowell has yet to disappoint me. Each of her books yields a whole new arena of wonderful, while maintaining her usual witty tongue and knack for wording (“bilious stupor” anyone?) (347). 497 more words

21st Century Literature