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The KPOP Virus

So recently, I’ve gained so much interest in Korean Pop Music a.k.a. KPOP a.k.a. I-don’t-understand-a-word music. Yes, I know, I have been affected by the so called “KPOP Virus”. 673 more words

4 year anniversary

So today (23.7.14) is the 4 year anniversary of One Direction. Woo Hoo. How amazingly awesome?!?! In order to celebrate this occasion, here is a pictorial story of the boys over the years :


M's Moments: Fangirling Literally Changed My Life

Fangirling changed my life.

More specifically, Justin Timberlake changed my life.

Yes, I know how trite (and crazy) that sounds. But it’s completely true. Let’s go back to about December 2012, shall we? 745 more words

Justin Timberlake

JYJ - Return of the King(s)

Someone hold me!  JYJ is coming back with a new album after FREAKING FOREVER and I cannot even begin to express how excited I am.  As a… 789 more words


Day Five: YA Readers and Bank

Just a quick post on this video I found creeping on the Tor.com website.  Funny video, but kind of sad.  Writers in YA fiction have the greatest chance on capitalizing on their stories, or so it seems.   200 more words

Q&A announcement

Within the next few weeks I will be doing a Q&A post. You can ask me anything: something about myself or a fangirl question or anything you want answered. 67 more words


Monday Morning Music - Johnny Winter RIP

I had planned to post at least one Weird Al Yankovic video this morning in honor of his new album coming out last week. All the videos I’ve seen have been outstanding and super funny. 341 more words