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A belated 'On my way' post

I just found this. I imagine I had intended to finish it and post it when I got to Luoyang last April. Hindsight is…interesting. I would never regret adventure, even though I ultimately chose to not go back for health and professional reasons. 292 more words

5 Summer Music Festival Must Haves

Hello Foxes! My name is Anastajza and I’m the new intern here at Fawkeshunter. I’m so excited to go on a stylish adventure with all of you! 454 more words

How To Wear

The Trend We're Surprisingly Into

In the past few fashion seasons, there’s one trend we’ve been surprised to see making a comeback: the fanny pack. It’s one we thought was dead and buried in the 90s (at least as far as fashion was concerned), and we were just fine with that. 131 more words


Flintstone's Fanny Pack

M: I wonder if this holds enough money to buy a brontosaurus steak.

E: This fanny pack was designed when Barney Rubble met Zack Morris in some weird time warp accident. 78 more words

Products I Love // Rais Case

I recently learned about Rais Case at a fundraiser for a friends non-profit. I loved it so much that I bid and am now the proud owner of my very own Rais Case convertible shoulder bag/fanny pack. 103 more words

Fanny Pack

Friday Favorites #4

It’s time again.

Time to show off what I like.
Not that anyone cares, but that’s the whole point, right?

Owl Talon Crescent Necklace

Updated Fanny Pack. 15 more words

Adventures Of A Well Dressed Tomboy