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August Week 3- Service Shutdown and Fashion Battles

Well, looks like there is a Server Notice

Basically, in a week. For 9 Hours. (In case you cant do the math :P)

FST = EST Kinda confusing, for different time zones. 76 more words

Ever wanted to clone yourself? Now you can! (on fantage LOL)

Okay, so I did not find out this glitch by myself btw. But I saw it on Youtube and the glitch thing was spreading, so I decided to try this out, and it actually worked!!! 188 more words


My Opinion About Little Codies

I haven’t been doing this blog for a long time, so I would like to give my opinion on an event that I hadn’t posted about. 173 more words


Fantage Updates

1. Fashion Battle

One-on-one fashion shows with other people – I like this idea :)

2. Fantage Offline for 9 hours next Thursday

Disappearance + YAY!

Hey Everyone!

Ok so today, I was hearing rumours on YouTube that “famous” Pinkstardust has been forever banned from Fantage.

So I was like, “Why do you think that???”. 210 more words

Another Random Post

I will color this post as much as i can. Be prepared.

Hi guys!

Today¬†i¬†will¬†make¬†a¬†full¬†color¬†post.¬†Like¬†this!¬†Isn’t¬†it¬†good?¬† 22 more words


Alice In Wonderland!

I love this event! Here’s an overview of what it looks like:

Click to enlarge!

Limited Item Cart (I can’t afford anything…):

Everything is either Gold or member. 42 more words