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Kaiju Cross-Section Trading Cards, 1979

These large cards detached from a manga magazine published by Kodansha in 1979, demonstrating once again the Japanese art of cross-section. The kaiju pictured are, from top to bottom, Mechagodzilla, Baragon, Hedorah, King Ghidorah, King Caesar, Mogera, Varan, and Gigan. 71 more words

Sci-Fi/Space Art

Pray the Red Sea [Short Story]

written by S. Zainab Williams
art by Robert Burrows

I watch the dragon larvae gyre in the salted earth, their pale bodies fat, submerged rings. I think about Nu’ala’s obsidian hands at the spinning wheel, working the worms’ silvery fibers into spun silk. 1,067 more words



Someone asked me while looking at a drawing I drew a while ago to develop it further. Well today just started doing just that.

Dragons have always been an interest of mine, as they are important to many cultures, for many reasons. 114 more words


Dragina The Fire Priestess

Dragina is a young fire priestess, who was cursed by a Dragon’Heart. She transforms into a full blooded Dragon at random, sometime losing control of herself. 100 more words


Pixies of the Mash: Revisit Update 2

So here is a possible final for the Pixies of the Marsh.  I darkened the background a little to help the pixies stand out. I am going to work on some other ideas, just because I am not totally happy with this. 13 more words


The Witch

after thesis relaxation, post about the final thesis result and where I am going from there is coming in a few days

“Into the air, over the valleys, under the stars, above a river, a pond, a road, flew Cecy. 19 more words


Dragon and Muse WIP

Another work in progress today:

There’s a bit of writing that goes along with this, but I’ll save it for when the piece is finished. This one’s actually got some pretty personal meaning behind it. 63 more words