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Rusty sentinal

final 30 min paint today. rusty sentinel. This kid thinks its Christmas :)

Natural Wizards

One of may all time favorite movies is The Dark Crystal and here is artwork by Jim Ferguson depicting a famous shot from the movie.

Fantasy Art

ART: Drawing Dragons

When you are learning to draw, it’s a great way to learn by practicing what you admire. Even better if you can find a mentor who will give you tips along the way! 7 more words


Monster Monday- October 20, 2014

Former wizard for the Goblin Guild and creator of the infomous Boltbomb, Zimix Boltstrike, is now a teacher at The College of Magicians. Nolonger interested in the chaotic nature of ‘goblin’ magic is currently studying the nature of lightning magic. 45 more words

Character Design

Curioser and Curiouser

Alice in Wonderland is one of the more classic Fantasy stories ever written, and here is a depiction of the Red Queen, or Queen of Heart’s maze by iBreslav, they also do incredible landscape work, check out there artwork here.

Fantasy Art