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Tome Scour Review: The Dream-Taker's Apprentice - By Mark Lawrence

“How much is a dream worth?”

It is the first line to of the first short story to appear in the Fantasy-Faction Anthology, the Dream-Taker’s Apprentice, by Mark Lawrence. 644 more words


I really didn’t mean to disappear from the interwebs for the last half of last week, but life happens. Now I’m trying to catch up, lol! 37 more words

Rebekah Loper

Latest article on Fantasy Faction!

My latest article in the Fantastical Biology series is up on Fantasy Faction. Go check it out, along with all the other neat things they have there.

Trees in Fantasy: Part 3 - Trees as Setting

So far in our exploration of trees in fantasy we have looked at trees as both symbolism and character across a range of mythic and modern fantasy tales. 1,127 more words


Trees in Fantasy: Part 2 - Trees as Characters

In the first part of this article we looked at trees as symbolism in fantasy literature, where we discussed the role of individual trees in mythologies and creation stories around the world, deforestation as a representation of the declining age of nature, and trees as a symbol of natural magic. 1,387 more words


Trees in Fantasy: Part 1 - Trees as Symbolism

Magic in fantasy, myth and legend usually occurs as a natural phenomenon, with its own place in the world of the story outside of what is created by mankind and civilisation. 1,425 more words


Kill or Cure: Medicine and Healing in SFF

Humans are fragile creatures. Flesh breaks easily and even the most healthy, brawny and athletic of us fall prey to sickness from time to time. Depending on the severity of whatever ailment or injury befalls us, it can have a significant impact on the way we live the rest of our lives. 1,220 more words