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World of the Mio Pilamùr

When I was ten years old and started writing my first book, it was set in this place called – very originally – the Magic Islands. 255 more words

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The Red Knight by Miles Cameron (5 stars)

The Red Knight by Miles Cameron

(Five stars out of five.)

“Do well. Act with courtesy and dignity … because it is the only way to live. 361 more words


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This us next up in my ebook reading queue, after I finish Red Seas Under Red Skies.  In the meantime, enjoy my uncle's thoughts on The Red Knight by Miles Cameron, which also comes highly recommended by Stefan Raets at his Far Beyond Reality blog.

Inner Dragons, Part 3

Do you ever tell people about your writing? I hope so. You’ll have a hard time building an audience if you don’t. Even more important, do you tell people about your work in a way that slights or insults yourself? 281 more words

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Snow - Part 1: Lost

A tall man strode resolutely forward into the biting cold and bitter wind, his strapping frame covered by a worn blue tunic and rough leggings. On his head, over an unshaven, weathered face, he wore a dark brown cap, which almost matched the color of the wisps of hair freed from under it by the fierce wind. 741 more words

Children and young adult fantasy fiction: the evolution of a genre

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine recently, where I posited that George R. Martin, of Game of Thrones fame, had irrevocably changed Fantasy fiction forever by bringing to light the inherent problematic aspects of a fantasy world and examining those issues without pulling his punches. 669 more words

The Whole Story, Part 4

Ridgewood: The Whole Story

Created by Steven L Campbell

The Quest

Around us in air, water, land and fire, there are realms that for the most part go unseen by many.

3,479 more words

Where did the Time Go Part Two

Today, if I can be disciplined enough, if I can avoid napping from weekly exhaustion, if I can hold my head up high when others around me fall..sorry wandered off into splintered Kipling there…..I will write a chapter of the novel! 122 more words