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Monday, Monday

I know I say this every Monday but today is different. I took the first steps to a better me and keeping to my goals and words by going for a morning jog and now while I write this I’m in the process of providing txt file copies of my ongoing WIP so I can take them to work and undertake them should work be slow. 183 more words


The Benghu Tank War II (30.1)

53rd of the Aster’s Gloom, 2030 D.C.E

Dbagbo Dominance — Chanda General School

Aarya returned from the cafeteria carrying a stack of boxed lunches.

They were meant for the children in her charge, waiting for her in one of the second floor classrooms of Chanda’s auxiliary school building. 2,786 more words

The Solstice War

Saturday Selections: The Osteria Chronicles (website)

Okay, I’m being completely lazy for this week’s Saturday Selection, but it’s been a LONG couple days at the computer. So, instead of a traditional Saturday Selections post where I recommend some product or other, I’m going to recommend you step into another world….The world I created: Osteria! 124 more words


What Happened in Osteria in January 2015?

Hello Readers!

It’s been a busy month in the world of The Osteria Chronicles, so let’s jump right into the news and announcements.

The Osteria Chronicles January Update – Book News… 458 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 25

An eternity had already seemed to go by in only these past few days.
Tallia paced around her castle quarters, trapped and angry. Ever since her mother had discovered her to be escaping at night there had been a special guard placed outside all of the exits. 4,091 more words


Ahamuji, the Sea of Trees

There was an ancient, immovable quality about Ahamuji: it was not to be domesticated, and it was inevitable. For eras and dynasties, for centuries, emperors and warriors had strayed into the forest here, and been tangled up, and lost; battles had been fought here, Marks been founded and risen to eminence, and the forest had grown around them, and they’d become tangled up, and lost; cities had been built, and towers both raised and razed, ZarakGar and SharAmor, DuzakGar, the greatest buildings in the six directions, but they had been built here, in Ahamuji, and slowly over the millennia, the Sea of Trees had risen around them, until, eventually, the great Sharhir of the Eastern and the Western Lands would be tangled up in the branches of the trees, and overwhelmed, and lost. 91 more words


Fantasy Inspired Artwork

Above is a piece of artwork I just finished. It is inspired by a book I haven’t yet written, probably called the Flowers of Spring… 53 more words