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Fantasy Football Sleepers

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Many fаntаѕу pundits wіll сlаіm thаt fantasy football is thе easiest fаntаѕу ѕроrt to рlау ѕіnсе there аrе оnlу 17 wееkѕ іn the NFL ѕеаѕоn and, gеnеrаllу, оnlу 16 weeks іn a typical fаntаѕу football season. 876 more words

Dis 'n Likes Week 6

Dis of the Week

Denver RBs – with all the injuries finding a healthy RB who is going to get touches is huge. What could be better than the high powered offense in Denver? 553 more words

Dis 'n Likes Week 3

Dis of the Week

  • Streaming DST

I’ll probably dedicate at least one dis every year to this strategy. I am just not a proponent. I believe in finding a DST and sticking with them. 619 more words

Slow start? Perfect!

Unlike the NFL, where only 12% of teams who start 0-2 make the playoffs, a slow start can be a good thing for a fantasy football team. 574 more words

Dis 'n Likes Week 1

Every week I’ll try to write about one popular pick-up that I’m not buying (my dis) and some players I like. I’ll try not to mention ones I’ve written about before, but sometimes I’ll reinforce them. 622 more words

Rip Van Winkle Time

Everyone involved with fantasy footballs loves to be the one to uncover that player nobody thought would be good. There’s nothing like finding the diamond in the rough and turning out to be right. 610 more words

My Draft of Sleeper Picks

A few weeks ago, I wrote about not taking Wes Welker in the draft. However, I ended up taking him. I took him with my 4th Round pick in my 12-team standard league (3WR) so I could closely monitor him. 1,411 more words

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