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One-Stop Film Shop (2014 Cornerbacks)

Put a game face to the names. This is your spot…

One-Stop Film Shop (2014 Safeties)

Put a game face to the names. This is your spot…

Music at the beginning of this one is straight fire, not to be missed. (totally kidding):

Hibernation Sleeper: Willie Snead IV

Metaphorically speaking, former Ball State wide receiver Willie Snead IV is the kinda hot looking chick that nobody is talking to at the bar. Once you notice her, you wonder if something’s off somehow, because she looks good enough that someone ought to be hitting on her, but she’s got courtship crickets chirping in her ear instead of some guy. 462 more words

In the Interest of Establishing Credibility...

I ain’t saying Mike Reiss from ESPN read my blog and stole my idea; there is a 9,000% chance that’s not the case. However, I’m simply mentioning this to point out that even my crazy-ass ideas may have a lil’ bit of credibility to em. 183 more words

Stone Pillows: Don't Sleep On Em (Part 1)

Some guys here are likely rostered in most leagues, and some are almost certainly walking the street in all but the deepest leagues (and even then are likely still free agents). 891 more words

FF Breakups and Crushes (2014 edition)

After a long hiatus, I’m gonna bring the FFJackass blog concept back to life. First up is a look at the FF relationships I’m ending and the ones I’m excited about starting… 1,174 more words