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Fantasy Friday: holidays without guilt

My husband returned from retrieving the mail and handed me an envelope, clearly a Christmas card.

“Great, another reason to feel guilty,” I said.

He laughed. 319 more words

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Fantasy Friday – 5 Favorite Kenneth Parcell GIFs

Welcome to Friday!

Embarrassingly enough, I never watched 30 Rock during its original run, and now I’m catching up. Since I’m currently bingeing on the show, I’ve decided to countdown five of my favorite Kenneth Parcell moments (because he’s the best, obviously). 7 more words

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Fantasy Friday: big houses and normal life

I live in a neighborhood that’s transforming: small houses are being torn down and replaced by bigger ones, second stories are added onto single level homes, and in at least one case, a giant new house was built out from a home reduced to a porch and a front room. 278 more words

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Fantasy Friday – Top Five Retirement Jobs

I am SO ready for Friday, I feel like I’ve been exhausted this entire week. I know I’m still like 30+ years from retirement, but I’ve been thinking about what a good “retirement job” will be when the time finally comes. 233 more words

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Fantasy Friday – PUPPIES!!!

I really wish we could have a dog. We can’t, of course, for a myriad of reasons. I know all of the reasons, and they’re logical… but that doesn’t make puppies any less cute, right? 91 more words

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Fantasy Friday – Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Happy Friday! Hopefully, you have the day off and are enjoying a post-turkey coma. If not, please read my musings on crazy Thanksgiving Tablescapes on this last Fantasy Friday of November. 114 more words

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Fantasy Friday: being thankful for what I have

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m forgoing the usual premise of Fantasy Friday, writing about what I want, and instead, offering gratitude for what I have. 239 more words

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