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Fantasy Friday – Top 10 “Spice World” Moments

Were the Spice Girls not the absolute best? Spice World remains, to this day, one of my favorite movies. It’s actually pretty clever… dare I say that it’s almost a 1990s version of  382 more words

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Fantasy Friday: the ultimate steak sandwich

My steak sandwich cravings started in high school. I’d hang out at the mall on weekends with my friends, trying on clothes at American Eagle Outfitters and huffing men’s cologne at Abercrombie & Fitch. 219 more words

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Fantasy Friday: drinks with Dorothy Parker

I had a great time attending the Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day weekend, especially getting the chance to see Joyce Carol Oates speak on Friday. 321 more words

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Fantasy Friday – America’s Next Top Model 10 Favorite Shoots

First off, I need to say that Miss J has just an insane amount of GIFable moments. It’s so hard to select the best ones (that’s probably a good post topic for a later date). 483 more words

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Fantasy Friday – Top Five Upcoming Films

For today’s “Fantasy Friday” post, I’m doing a top 5 list of films I am really excited for. Some of these might be more sci-fi than fantasy, but it’s similar, so shut up and take it! 421 more words

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Fantasy Friday: first stop Paris

Where would you go if you could go anywhere right now for a weekend trip?

I love thinking about this question because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of really cool places and I still have a lot I want to see. 100 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Centaurs

Hybrid creatures are among the most commonly used in fantasy but the most well known is that of the Centaur, the creature who is half-man/half-horse. 526 more words