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Whenever I mention in conversation that I write, the first question everyone always asks is, “How do you come up with all of your ideas?”. I have writer’s block sometimes (who doesn’t?), but I’ve developed a technique of sorts over the years to help me with story ideas. 397 more words

Dominions 4

My first experience with Illwinter’s most recent title, Dominions 4, was a bit like picking out a Feat for a first level D&D (3.5) character; that is to say, I didn’t really know for sure what I was doing yet, there was an indecision-based coma-inducing number of options at my disposal, and way too many of them sounded like they were going to be… 519 more words

The Main Event

EQ Landmark Week 1 Summary

Well, we are one step closer to EQ Next: Last week SOE launched EQN Landmark in closed beta. (It was in Alpha for a couple months before that, but I missed out on it due to computer issues.) Landmark is its own game, mainly for those of us who like to craft and build things. 905 more words

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