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'Dungeons & Dragons' Creators Invite Players To Be Queer

Dungeons & Dragons has always had a special place for its queer players, but with the latest edition of the rulebook, creators are specifically reaching out to the LGBT community (and even those who aren’t!). 121 more words


Finding the Recent Growth Trend in Fantasy Games

Fantasy game is considered as a fast growing sector in USA. It has annual growth rate of around 8 percent. These games are becoming popular with increase in real sporting activities and their wide spread coverage. 214 more words


Rise and Fall

Due to an unfortunate (lack of judgement on my part) event, the game of Dominions 4 which I was chronicling for my “Rise of Serpents” after-action-report has been, I’m relatively certain, irreparably lost.  71 more words


Atlan (A Working Title)

I’ve created a page where I intend to begin collating the various ideas I’ve been bouncing around for a role-playing setting, right now, I’m calling that setting Atlan.  65 more words


Rise of Serpents: AAR Posts 2 and 3

The Rise of Serpents Dominions 4 AAR has been updated second and third times, the second section session was quite short, and the update posted a few days ago, tonight’s update was a fair bit longer, and saw some actual… 102 more words


Rise of Serpents: A Dominions 4 Play-by-Play

… and a total clusterfuck to present, I might add.
I’m chronicling the general course of a game of Dominions 4, it’s pretty epic, and totally ridiculous so far, so I recommend checking it out (I hope it doesn’t suck).  96 more words