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Gamesweek 12 Team

Sorry I couldn’t write a post this week. But I will just let you know that I’ve made quite a few changes to my team. I’ve ended up making 5 transfers and taking a -16 point hit. 33 more words

Gamesweek 11 Review

Another average round of games for me and nothing but red arrows as I again fall down all my leagues. I took a -4 point hit so I was actually 3 points below the average. 865 more words

Gamesweek 11 Team

Gamesweek 11 is going to be the weekend when my season gets back on track. It’s been a rocky few weeks for me, culminating in the shambles that was Gamesweek 10, but this is when it all comes together in a weekend of pure glory and celebration. 675 more words

Gamesweek 10 Review

As you can see, it was a pretty poor round of games for me last weekend and my form seems to be going from bad to worse. 726 more words

Gamesweek 10 Team

I have 2 free transfers available to me this gamesweek and I have every intention of using them. It’s been a pretty lacklustre run that I’ve been on in the last few weeks, generally coming in on the average score or sometimes a few points above it. 726 more words

Gamesweek 9 Review

Another mediocre gamesweek for me as I managed to scrape to a single point above the average score. I’m starting to lose touch with some of the leading teams in my mini leagues, and having already used my Wildcard it’s getting more and more frustrating. 477 more words

Gamesweek 9 Team

The main decision I’ve had to make this week is whether to sell or keep Diego Costa. Having missed last weeks match and the Champions League match on Tuesday, it turned out that he had a stomach bug and was even hospitalised for a night. 772 more words