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Shoujo Saturday: Bokura no Kiseki Volume 01 by Natsuo Kumeta

This week on Shoujo Saturday I’m covering Bokura no Kiseki Volume 01. It’s not a full series review as I’d like to try and see if people will like reading a single volume review. 145 more words


A Modern Legend- Page Thirty

James did not tarry in the village, but led his new friends through it, along the main road. He gave brief replies to those who greeted him on his way through, but kept them going, not stopping to chat even to those who seemed to be trying to start a conversation. 627 more words


Jupiter Ascending--The Wachowskis' next sci-fi flick arrives next weekend

The 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune was a hit and miss film.  Mixing science fiction and fantasy, and more of a space fantasy than science fiction, it only managed to grab a small legion of fans that would later make it a cult favorite.  286 more words


On Gaming (Or Trying To, Anyway)

Fantasy games are food for the creative brain.

The word “fantasy” itself directly implies imagination, and imagination is writing’s better half. We all understand that we need to be able to imagine something in order to write a story. 1,106 more words


Is the Kitten Evil Incarnate?

I kind of answered this in a response to another post but, what if the cat Xanther found was meant to be with her. I’ve been wondering if maybe the reason some characters can hear a meow or cry might be that the cat is trying to get attention from the character it needs to be with. 83 more words


Dreams are Deceivers!

Your world’s illusory

Bound in shackles, you’re dreaming

Elation, the ecstasy?

is just false felicity

How could a man be so blind?

To unraveling reality… 57 more words



Itching at the dry skin, then nibbling at the cuticles around a nail brought instant and deep satisfaction. Then another nibble, and another flake peeled perfectly in tact. 287 more words