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Q&A with It's Raining Books

Any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits or superstitions?

I have these busts and full-figure wood carvings I’ve collected over the years. They’re positioned around my room like guardian angels. 133 more words


A Super Rambling Harry Potter Post

I am a potterhead from way back. I found the stone, rescued Ginny, met the Prisoner, fought the dragon, joined the Order, discovered the Half-blood Prince, and Fought the Death Eaters. 454 more words

In The Wood of the Fox King (Silenced By The Huntsman’s Hand)

The ways of the Fox King could do nothing but enchant, as he was a spinner of powers that I had only dreamt about as a child. 786 more words


Preview--NBC's new dark DC Comics tie-in series Constantine

He is a key character in DC Comics Justice League Dark for a reason.  Stress on the word “dark”.  He’s Constantine–John Constantine–possibly the least likely character to emerge from the pages of the DCU and make it to the small screen.  240 more words

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Spooky Scary Cinema: Army of Darkness (1992)

I remember Evil Dead 2 being one of the most perfect horror films ever made, so there’s not much point reviewing it without just gushing for about seven paragraphs. 589 more words

Film Reviews (Old)


Forsaken sight

Blinded, Bewildered

By ebony night

Masked, Enshrouded

A woeful plight

Reaching, Exposing

Uncovering light

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So Batgirl and Mr. incredible get into a fight....

Only to be broken up by Chewbacca, Freddy Kruger and Waldo! Who found himself *ahem* sorry herself in the middle of this battle royale!

Seriously cannot make this shit up! 37 more words