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A Passion for Ideas

Recently I have been reflecting on why it is that I enjoy the science fiction and fantasy genres. I have come to the conclusion that it’s because of the capacity for those genres to introduce new ideas. 314 more words


Ai Takada on the Japanese Schoolgirl Murder, July 29, 2014

“Applause…absolutely brilliant. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one keeping the dark devotions of Izanami-sama alive in this decadent, watered-down ‘modern world.’ That’s just the thing, people don’t have any sense of culture and tradition anymore, heroism is gone, the old beliefs have been destroyed, cultural integrity and honor have been squandered for profit, and the only thing that a man or woman will fight for these days is to save their own skin from the slaughter that so lustfully awaits this decrepit, decadent, decaying world…so, young woman of darkness and minion of the Death Queen…I salute you for your devotions. 13 more words

Cover Reveal: Eternal Light by Nelly B. Jones

Hi guys, I’d like to welcome you to the cover reveal for Nelly B. Jones’ upcoming novel, Eternal Light, the first book in a new series. 337 more words


Video Games

I’m taking a break from writing updates about how the book is going. Not everyone wants to know how slowly it’s coming along. So I’m going to post about something I love for a change: video games. 273 more words


Sexy Darkness

black blue sky
wrapped in
sexy, secret darkness
in dream awake ~
to your wildest fantasies


Huge Mess

Drum rolls rang in the arena; there was an expectant silence in the darkness only slightly illuminated by the spotlight in the centre of the arena. 509 more words


How I Found an Agent - Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, this is a history of how I found an agent and later a publisher. One of the reasons for writing this is to try and dispel the myth that continues to circulate that in order to succeed in published you need to have connections and friends in the business. 2,174 more words