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1.12: End of The Beginning

The Future

And so it has come that I have presented the scene in which the characters of this tale have found themselves. I hope that in doing so I have not bored you very much, or that my method of relating their views and perceptions have at all daunted you. 422 more words


1.11: Book of Humanity 48


Once more the affliction returned, bringing with it a new misery.

The very air about him was as sludge, his movements slowed, the air thick in his lungs. 1,028 more words


Stately D-Ream

She wore a mask to hide the gleam
Her beauty shining like a dream
Queen of all, and of all their queen
Most beauteous sight I’d ever seen… 77 more words


Blog 13: Cover nightmares

Ah, book covers. They can be a total joy or an absolute horror, and they can make or break your feelings about your book. On the whole, I’ve been happy with the covers my publishers have provided about, well, maybe 80% of the time. 572 more words


Fairy Tale: Chapter Four


“Another one for you, miss?”

“Just the one is fine, thanks.”

“Suit yourself. The bar’ll be closin’ in about fifteen minutes, so it’s your last shot.” 2,340 more words


Thirty Nine

Monday afternoon and everything was quiet. Barely anyone was moving around campus, almost every TV was tuned to the news. There had been another attack over the night in the Dwarven  world, they had lost three great priests. 1,758 more words


Saturday, stick around after the Doctor... for "Intruders"

BBC America has been advertising the new series Intruders for months now but this extended trailer should be all you need to know this is a series pilot not to be missed.  156 more words