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More McGuffCo Guff (See What I Did There?)

Day 737 of the McGuffco Vs Downturn Abyss trial, presided over by Mr Justice Cocklecarrot, with a jury comprising twelve red-bearded persons of restricted growth… Lord, it would eat up JB Morton’s wordcount to be writing today… 285 more words

An interview on Skipping Midnight with Laura Kenyon

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by fellow author, Laura Kenyon on her beautiful blog, Skipping Midnight. It was a chat about my writing and the writing process itself which I utterly enjoyed.  319 more words

Indie Author

Dark Space Battleback for RPG Maker XP

A battleback to be used with RPG Maker side battle systems, made with an RPG Maker XP stock tileset.
side battle system for RPG Maker XP… 20 more words


O is for Organs

by Lillian Csernica on April 17, 2014

No, I do not mean church organs.  No, I do not mean an organ-grinder, the kind who has a little monkey with a tin cup.  96 more words


Sweet Dolls

Tom Bagshaw

Jennifer and Anne had just left. Neely was still in a festive mood. My how her girls knew how to unwind, she thought. She sighed, looked at the mess on the coffee table. 348 more words