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Big cats only

I need a sex addict.

Drax wants to be cute and play and around at serious adult behavior. He’s lazy and ignores his true libido. I’m bored and annoyed with his coy maneuvers. 102 more words

Sex Addiction

The Middle East in Fantasy: or, Why Pseudo-Arabian Cultures are Everywhere

Almost every major work of epic fantasy has tried – with varying success – to plunge into the “otherness” of its world. Sometimes this is an attempt to show that the author is culturally aware and has gone through the pain of crafting a complex social system based within a desert or similarly arid environment (although, ironically, the results often end up more generic and Aladdin-like than anything else), but in many cases, the intent is much more benign: the author simply wants to write something new. 742 more words

Creative Writing

Five Days a Week (Part 1)

The shadows that hide in the depths,
Only traverse the cloudy night skies.
Yet in time as the light diminishes,
The darkness shall enshroud the land forever. 29 more words


Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 29

Since Rachel took Ai and Mai to her studio, I was alone with James and his father. I really wanted to make a good impression this time around, since I felt the twins were a point ahead last round here. 1,430 more words


Alexandra Bracken: Sparks Rise (The Darkest Minds #2.5)

Title: Sparks Rise
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Genre: 21st Century Young Adult Literature, Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction
Source: Personal Copy
Pages: ~100… 569 more words


Ransackediron Restored, Part 7: A Dwarf Fortress Story

← Continued from Part 6

10th day of Malachite, 551 years since the Record began,

Stakud “Closebolt” Urolalath, Manager, Head Mason and Bookkeeper for the Expedition Group Anuzlolor, “The Fair Letter”

833 more words

You Knew I Was Crazy

The shark’s whole body shook. It went from swimming like a missile to swimming like it was drunk. For good measure, Erica gave it her volleyball move and slapped it on top of the head with her tail. 361 more words