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Sweeter Than Fiction



Chạm xuống đến tận đáy của mặt đất.

Thứ âm thanh duy nhất mà anh có thể nghe là “Không thể.”

Anh chưa bao giờ nhìn thấy điều mình mong muốn thành hiện thực. 920 more words


Ian & Mickey - Far Away

Show: Shameless US

Seasons: 1-2-3-4

Ship: Ian & Mickey

Song: Far Away

Artist: Nickelback


Enrique & Judith (LQSA) - Here With Me

Okay so this vid is the first (and probably last) vid I’ve made about a heterosexual romantic couple, because some friends asked me to vid about them. 60 more words


Águila Roja (Hernán & Gonzalo) - Hall of Fame

Show: Águila Roja (Red Eagle)

Seasons: 1-2-3

Character: Hernán

Ship: Hernán & Gonzalo

Song: Hall of Fame

Artist: The Script

Translation: “Bad blood is not hereditary. 6 more words


This Time Last Year

While cleaning up all of my folders and downloads on my old laptop so that my daughter can use it, I had a look back through the browser history to see what I was doing on-line at this time last year. 232 more words

Richard Armitage

A Man Apart

Have you ever noticed how many of Richard’s characters are set apart from society, in some way?

Thorin, the displaced king who bares the weight of his people and family’s legacy. 370 more words

Richard Armitage

Águila Roja (Gonzalo/Satur/Agustin) - Sail

(WARNING: Suicide, depression)

Show: Águila Roja (Red Eagle)

Seasons: 1-2

Ship: Gonzalo/Satur/Agustin

Song: Sail

Artist: Awolnation