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Fanvid Friday: Valentine

Valentine by mezzym01

I’m feeling sappy tonight <3

“If there were no words
no way to speak
I would still hear you”

“you’ve opened my eyes… 38 more words

Richard Armitage

Fanvid of the Week: Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Vidder: DailyAsgardianNews

I wasn’t a fan of Frozen.

Shocking, I know, because Tumblr loves it. However, earlier today, as I was occupying myself on a train (did you know that in the U.K., some rail services have free wifi? 93 more words


Book Trailers - Are They Worth It?

Marketing can be a tricky thing to navigate for self-published authors. You try all the gimmicks that your predecessors have encouraged you on. You stay away from the things that seem to be labeled as cardinal sins of marketing. 476 more words


Fanvid Friday: Sexy Back 3!

Sexy Back 3 by HeathDances

This video is funny while being hott at the same time, and the editing is SUPERB! seriously. It’s so well done, I could pick it apart frame by frame and fangirl all over it…but I won’t because then it will become apparent rather quickly how very many times I’ve watched this video *blushes* 186 more words

Richard Armitage

Fanvid of the Week: "Eye of the Tiger"

This week’s fanvid isn’t really a fanvid. It’s…err…a vid made by fans, but not a fanvid.

Let me tell you a story, dear Collectors.

Once upon a time, the Collectiva Diva was sad, because the Collectress had to move far away. 90 more words

The Collectress

Fanvid Friday: Pieces

Pieces, Guy of Gisborne, by mccpepper

I think this is the first RA fandom fanvid that I bookmarked and watched repeatedly. I only had a vague idea at that time who the character of Guy was and what story surrounded him, but this video was so beautiful that it didn’t matter if I understood the storyline completely or not. 214 more words

Richard Armitage

Fanvid of the Week: "Worthy"

Vidder: volta1228

It’s time to prepare myself for SPN’s season 10 and Demon!Dean. This vid helps.

-The Collectress