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Fanvid Friday: Save You

yeah, I know it’s Saturday and not Friday…again. I spent Friday night surfing around for fanvideos. I was getting really discouraged because I just wasn’t finding any that I really liked (I’m picky) but then my luck changed. 197 more words

Richard Armitage

Fanvid of the Week: "Hurricane"

Vidder: TatyanaOracle

It’s no secret that I’m totallykind of in love with Sleepy HollowThe fall midseason finale airs next Monday, and my feels are not really prepared. 94 more words


Secret School 2013

This is the FANVID that got me into whole Heungsoo x Namsoon & Woobin x Jongsuk Shipping fandom

Their friendship is so much more like BL love story even the two actor feel that way. 75 more words


Cherik/McFassy Fanvids (2)


  • Nhạc: Illuminated (Hurts)
  • Hình ảnh: Shame (2011) // Filth (2013)
  • Nhân vật: Brandon Sullivan (Michael) x Bruce Robertson (James)
  • Plot: Không có plot cụ thể.
  • 1,399 more words
Linh Tinh

Fanvid Friday: 2fer

Fanvid Friday…on a Saturday. I was busy having an identity crisis yesterday, sorry :P So, I’m giving you a 2fer. Both of Sir Guy, and both by Delicate Blossom. 146 more words

Richard Armitage

Scientific Adviser

‘Scientific Adviser’ is a short-subject comedy loosely based around Doctor Who that I’m planning. Should be a giggle.

‘John Smith’ fell to earth with a bump. 187 more words

Doctor Who

Cherik/McFassy Fanvids (1)

Roman AU – Butterfly

  • Nhạc: Butterfly (?)
  • Hình ảnh: Centurion (2010) // Children of Dune (2003)
  • Nhân vật: Quintus Dias (Michael) x Leto Atreides II…
  • 1,903 more words
Linh Tinh