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Dead Time

I had scheduled an appointment with a student advisor this morning, but they lost my details…


Luckily, there’s another slot for l1.30am which I’ve taken; I suppose it works to my advantage so that I can organise, gather my thoughts & present them in a more straightforward, coherent way for support-folks to understand. 469 more words

Zine Project

Happy Birthday BRATS. We're two today.

A domain name renewal notice has reminded us that today is our second birthday. BRATS was launched (via the medium of a songsheet) at the Brighton Rockers home game v Big Bucks on Saturday 17th November 2012. 2,431 more words

FANZINE: Girlfriend #2 (2006)

Fanzine: Girlfriend, nr 2 (av 2)
Utgivet: 2006
Av: Agnes Nurbo
Format: 64 A5-sidor, svartvitt kopierat
Upplaga: 300 ex

HÄR kan du läsa Girlfriend nr 2 i sin helhet! 144 more words



In class this week we have been directed to read a extract from the book Fanzines by Teal Triggs, The book gives a good insite into the fanzine culture including a wide range of reference pictures to back up her text which I found really useful and inspirational as the problem with researching for this project is that it is not easy to find zines without ordering them as many of them did not want to be published online or for various reasons have not got into that circulation. 135 more words


Z I N E x P R O J E C T ➣ Stage III - First writing stages.

In class on Friday, we were asked to start mapping out the content of our Zine in a clear and organised fashion. We were also told that writing a 300-word-long “abstract” or “summary” of our zine’s content might be a good way to kick off writing the content of our Zine. 327 more words



Dear All,

This might be of interest to you and/or your students regarding zine projects etc.

This week, ‘Zine Scene’, a 2-part radio programme from 2008 by Jarvis Cocker on fanzines/zines, was repeated on Radio 4 Extra. 80 more words


Zine Experience- LCC Library Collection

On Monday 3rd November I looked at a zine collection at LCC’s library of some old and some contemporary zines, such as punk fanzine ‘Sniffin Glue’ (1977) and ‘Vague’. 111 more words