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Day 2: Don't Come on me, Bro!

Before I was a pre-teen, I was doing a lot of experimentation with my body; a lot of gay things. I’m not going to go into great detail about everything, but I was flexible (and skinny enough) to put my own dick in my mouth, and I was small enough to stick my dick into a vacuum cleaner hose. 1,217 more words


Day 1: Relapsed...Again. DOUBLE WHOOPS!

I know that some people think that small victories should still be celebrated, but I’m finding it really difficult to celebrate. Twenty-two hours ago, I relapsed four times. 989 more words


Day 1: Relapsed. Whoops.

I know I shouldn’t have looked at porn, but the .gifs were supposedly 60 fps! 60 frames per second! Of course, it wouldn’t have made a difference to me if it was only 30 fps. 693 more words


Different State of Mind

Being a father has changed me.

Nearly 7 years ago now my life changed as my now ex wife gave birth to my son Aiden. … 609 more words

Random Statements

Kpopalypse language class - The Korean alphabet

It’s a constant source of embarrassment to me that I DJ a k-pop radio show yet I can’t speak a word of Korean.  I’ve got no plans to go to Korea or anything like that, but it sure would be nice to be able to read CD album liner notes and pronounce track titles correctly.  6,173 more words

Your Mum


It would appear that my most viewed posts have been in the last few days. I put this down to basic voyeurism.

Lets examine:

First there was… 144 more words


A gentleman does not FAP

He masturbates.

Following the recent ‘The Fappening’ and the rather more recent threat of ‘Snappening’ it would seem that our naked photos are simply not safe. 687 more words