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6 k-pop idols who look like busty pornstars

You know the deal.  We’ve all been there.  You’re sitting at home fapping to k-pop idols but you just can’t get into the groove this time – you’re having trouble maintaining your arousal.  1,182 more words

Your Mom

First race complete now time for scopes

I completed my first mountain bike race of the season recently.  It was an exciting race.  28 miles long with about 3000 feet of climbing.  I started in a pack of 154 riders and managed a very respectable 30th.  249 more words

Ok I fapped (7/4/14)

Before saying that I gave up and relapsed, listen to me first. I had reasons, one of those obviously was due to the temptation and also that I was sick, my mental health and decision making weren’t great, even when I’m drunk I could still control my sexual urges. 236 more words



As the days go on I notice an increase amount of emotional issues, a lot of time I would feel happy and confident, others I would feel like complete shit. 202 more words