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Kpopalypse Ice Bucket Fap Challenge - the complete k-pop girl list

Many people had questions about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Some people wanted to know “what is ALS?”, “how can I donate?”, “is this trend a good idea?”, “is this objectifying?”, “will I feel like a dumb trendy fuckstick if I do this?” and more.  5,460 more words

Your Mum

So you don't like my bias? Gosh, how interesting.

The idea for this post actually started from Anti Kpop-Fangirl, because people kept giving him shit about his biases on ask.fm and he wanted to tell those people how fucking lame they were being.  1,245 more words

Your Mum

What's been Fappening

It’s hardly surprising that the recent scandal over the hacking of embarrassing photos of celebrities has garnered so much attention. Pictures of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, wearing only what nature endowed them with, have gone viral across the globe, as have the investigations and accusations over how this could have happened. 218 more words


Jimmy Wales: Release Your Nude Selfies into the Public Domain!

Dear Mr. Wales,

We at Illuminaughty Boutique would first like to thank you for over a decade of leadership of the forces of good on the Internet.   347 more words


Day 2

A night of never ending tossing and turning ended with me ripping off my sheets and tossing it onto the couch where I finally tucked my feet into the cold yet comforting cushion.This occured only after a fierce frustration washed over me at around 3:30 in the morning. 548 more words