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FAQ Friday: I have ADHD. Can you help me get organized?

You’re smart, creative and totally frustrated.  There’s clutter everywhere. You feel unable to get a handle on tasks that other people seem to manage with ease. 433 more words

FAQ Friday

Why Did I Receive a 1099G Tax Form?

Why did I receive a 1099G tax form from the Department of Labor? Are unemployment insurance benefits taxable?

If you collected or repaid unemployment insurance benefits in 2014, you were mailed a summary of the benefit payments you received. 608 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor

FAQ Friday: Is it going to be like on those TV shows?

We’ve all seen the shows — the team swoops down and in just a few short days the home is transformed from chaos to shining perfection.  168 more words


FAQ Friday: How will you know where to start?

People call me because they get totally overwhelmed whenever they try to tackle the clutter by themselves.  During your free 30 minute initial consultation, I’ll be formulating a plan for how best to structure the process since I see the whole picture of what’ll need to be done. 240 more words


FAQ Friday: Are you a member of any professional associations?

Yes.  I belong to NAPO National and NAPO Colorado as well as the ICD.  NAPO stands for the National Association of Professional Organizers while ICD is the… 105 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: Are Unemployment Insurance Benefits Taxable?

Q. Are unemployment insurance benefits taxable?

A. Yes. Unemployment insurance benefits are fully taxable, and you are required to file a tax return for payments received or repaid. 398 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor

FAQ Friday: What is your typical client like?

By the time people find me, they’re pretty frustrated and often discouraged.  My typical client:

  • has tried to get organized before.  It hasn’t worked.
  • feels that she “should” be able to get organized by herself.
  • 96 more words
FAQ Friday