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FAQ Friday: should I clear up before you get here?

Please don’t.  I want you to see for yourself that I won’t judge you.  I know that by the time people call me, they’ve often suffered under the disparaging eyes of stern friends and family who urge them to just get it together.  162 more words


FAQ Friday: Can you help with downsizing?

I have to move to a smaller place and need to sort through a lifetime of possessions. Can you help?

When it’s time to downsize, there’s a lot to contend with.  195 more words


FAQ Friday: Can you organize my husband?

My husband’s clutter is driving me crazy.  Can you help him get organized?

If you want me to sort him and his clutter out but he has no interest in the process then unfortunately, the answer is no.  108 more words


FAQ Friday: Extreme Clutter

My house is extremely cluttered. Can you help me?

Yes.  A useful resource for assessing how much clutter you have is the clutter hoarding scale. 274 more words

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