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FAQ - How to do a Bug Sweep? - TCSM

How can I find out if someone is listening to my conversations in my office or home without my permission?  Is it possible to do a  8 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: How do I get the most out of an organizing session?

Three hours can seem like a lifetime when you think about spending it decluttering and organizing by yourself but when we work together, it’s ideal.  An hour is too short to really get much done and anything much over three hours and our energy inevitably droops.   136 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: Where do you take my donations?

I take donations to ARC Thrift store because I believe that they’re doing good in our community.  Not only do they sell the donations to raise money to support people with developmental disabilities, they employ people who would otherwise have a tough time getting a job. 44 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday - I Filed My Unemployment Claim. Now What Happens?

Q. I filed my initial unemployment insurance claim online. Now what?
  • Ensure your contact information is updated and correct. If more information is needed, we will email or call you, depending on the preferred contact method you selected on your application.
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Idaho Department Of Labor

FAQ Friday: What if we throw away something I really wish I hadn't?

Sometimes people are worried that they’ll end up parting with something they wanted or needed and so rather than declutter they just keep everything.  I could just show up with a box of matches.  226 more words


FAQ Friday: I've read lots of books about organizing, how are you different?

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve tried to get organized by the book.  Make that books.  A common source of ironic clutter is the overflowing shelf of books on organization and time management, many of them highlighted and dog-eared but still not really helping out. 176 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: what if I need to reschedule?

I have the best clients in the world.  They’re wonderful about respecting my time and honoring their own commitment to decluttering and getting organized.  So I don’t have a formal cancellation policy because I know that life happens.   112 more words

FAQ Friday