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14. What is the Universe's Failsafe?

Born from the Collective Unconscious, the power of Anima possesses the “failsafe function of the universe”. Whatever kind of thing is that? With regards to the collapse of the universe, what kind of situation does the Failsafe indicate? 507 more words


13. Why Will the Universe End Up Collapsing?

With the Gnosisifying consciousnesses exceeding a critical threshold, what kind of effect does the scattering of consciousness exert? What kind of situation is indicated by the “collapse of the universe”? 675 more words


12. What was "Gnosis Terrorism"?

Gnosis Terrorism was caused by Grimoire Verum. What was Grimoire’s purpose? How did the terrorism occur? And how did it quiet down? An outline of the incident and its criminal profile are explored. 983 more words


11. What kind of phenomenon is the "Matter Shift"?

The “Matter Shift” is an astonishing phenomenon that only resembles the universe’s collapse. It is a terrifying phenomenon that swallows a planet, spreads to the surrounding space, and even includes the danger of continuing to spread to the universe. 548 more words


10 not-so-stupid questions about veganism

One of the things vegans have to get used to is being asked an awful lot of questions. While all vegetarians and vegans have at least one story about an offensive or ill-informed conversation with an omnivore, I find that most people are genuinely interested and just want to know about the practicalities of what they see as an extreme or unusual lifestyle choice. 1,155 more words


The panel invitation📰

The other day I got an email inviting me to be a part of the Topshop panel, how exciting!

They want to hear my views on items, Make-up, store experience and answer FAQs. 28 more words


"Lên giường"

Ah không không phải giật tít đâu, mà chỉ là 1 câu nói khá quen thuộc mỗi cuối tuần của nhà mình thôi. Nếu cái tịt bựa như này mà cũng câu được viu thì chứng tỏ bọn nhảm báo ở Việt Nam cao số vì mình không về viết báo giật tít giật luôn cơm của bọn nó. 1,548 more words

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