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Winsock fix for Windows 8

You might have tried many possibilities way to correct your internet connection issue. Here is the solution, this article will let you to fix Winsock problem on Windows 7/8 Operating system. 163 more words


Search Any Website with Google Chrome Instantly

Learn to search any website with Google Chrome browser. No need to visit the browser, just follow this trick and get it work.  84 more words


Install Mozilla Firefox without Browser

This article will let you to install Mozilla Firefox latest version. Thing behind this article is, no need of browser. Are you thinking why? Let see how. 127 more words


Download YouTube videos with Mozilla Firefox Addons

Mozilla Firefox let you to download Videos from Facebook, YouTube, Break. All you have to do is to add add ons to your browser,through which you can download videos from any of the website which has video in it. 259 more words


Quick Launch Bar on Windows 7

This video tutorial will teach you how to get Quick launch bar in windows 7 Operating system. 73 more words


Earn Money on Facebook

Learn to earn money on Facebook. When your interested in Facebook and you’re the one most active person of FB then, Facebook let you to earn some money. 334 more words


How to Convert your Images to Text

We are usually doing some edits with our photo,even we don’t know how to word with the software. For those who are interested in editing photos and always search for new software’s to do it. 181 more words