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Play Far Cry 4 on Mt. Everest!

In a gloriously absurd PR stunt, Ubisoft has started a contest that will send one winner to the tippy-top of Mt. Everest, Earth’s tallest mountain, to play… 246 more words


Far Cry 4 Multiplayer Could Change Console Gaming For The Better

If there was one thing that I’ve enjoyed about handheld gaming on the 3DS,  it is the ability to download play titles with a friend. With this feature, you could play a certain game with a buddy who owned the console, but not the game. 506 more words


Critical Analysis: Far Cry 3

By William Chandler

Purchased on Steam and reviewed on PC using an Xbox 360 controller

Remember when Far Cry was exclusively about mutants, mercenaries, and hawaiian shirts? 926 more words


Industry Issues - Crytek and Kim Kardashian

As Crytek UK suffers an increasing number of walkouts, Kim Kardashian looks to make an incredible amount of money off of her mobile game – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. 358 more words


Here is the future of Co-Op in Far Cry 4

Just watch as two buddies try and take an outpost, it does not quite go as planned.

Thanks to CorridorDigital for the video.

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