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Assassin's Creed Is The Most Selling Series For Ubisoft

Does this really surprise anyone? Assassin’s Creed has sold a total of 73 million copies worldwide. Nothing else from Ubisoft has ever come close to outselling Assassin’s Creed which is too bad because that means they’re going to keep milking this franchise. 249 more words

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Deals! 4/12/14 (Games, Movies)

Nice mix of PC games on sale, and a few movie deals as well.  Let’s take a look…


Steam is running a sale on… 186 more words


A to Z Challenge - F is for...

The sixth day of the A to Z Challenge, for me anyway, and we are up to F

F is for Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter set on a fictional tropical island in the Pacific Ocean called Rook Island. 1,233 more words

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Far Cry (2008)

Warning: this article covers an Uwe Boll film. Before you just automatically click off this page, please keep reading. This article’s film is Boll’s love letter to 80′s action films like Commando and Cobra. 463 more words


Far Cry 3 Yenisine Göre Daha mı iddialı ?



2013 yılına damgasını vuran yegane yapımlardan biri Ubisoft’un Far Cry 3 oyunudur. Senaryosu grafikleri ve yaşattığı ilginç deneyimleri ile Far Cry 3 gelmiş geçmiş en iyi oyunlar arasında yer almayı hak ediyor. 311 more words


Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2 Just Announced?

A wallpaper has appeared showing off Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2. The original Blood Dragon also appeared on April Fool’s, so Ubisoft could be trying to throw off the gaming press again. 18 more words

Monthly Recap March - 2014

This month has been the most productive month we’ve ever had. Our views have literally doubled since last month. This has been quite an interesting month for me personally. 514 more words