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Far Cry 3 : Some old Leftovers

I recently finished Far Cry 3 (Yes I am aware I am a bit behind) but I have to say I think it is my favorite xbox 360 game of all time.  630 more words

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Star Mine Podcast #14: Hearthstone is GOTY 2014

Happy 2015! We’re Back and should be making more episodes this year.

We’re all back in 2015
John, Nick and David talk GOTY

Good deal of technical issues this time, mostly on David’s end. 101 more words


Main Course: Far Cry 4 review - creatively destructive


About three hours in to Far Cry 4’s campaign I decided to climb some towers and reveal more of my map. This was a chore I had been avoiding since the first obligatory tower. 1,795 more words


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Steam Review

Far Cry 3: Blood DRAY-GOWN is a stand alone game that welcomes you to a futuristic warlord’s island stronghold. Set in the year 2007, this is the future that 1980s action movies foretold. 1,351 more words

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My Experience on why Uplay is Awful

To kick off my Blood Dragon experience, the game installed UPlay. I’m fine with that. They need to make 30% on game sales just like everybody else. 529 more words

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Let's Play Far Cry 4 - Punishing Pagan

One of the joys of the expansive world of Far Cry 4 is that you can hunt down the main characters after the campaign is finished. 31 more words


Let's Play Far Cry 4 - Killing Dumbo

Elephants are your biggest ally in Far Cry 4. You can eliminate an entire outpost in Kyrat on the back of one of these bad boys. 33 more words