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Part Four


  • While heading to the Crimson Hawk, thugs are waiting for them on pier
    • Combat – Sore Losers
      • tried to talk to the thugs, which got them nowhere, so killed them all instead…
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Dungeons And Dragons


I hope you like men facing left, because THAT’S WHAT’S ON THE MENU FOR THE NEXT 500 YEARS.


The Newest "Far Cry 4" Trailer Shows Off Its Deadly Elephants [VIDEO]

The Far Cry games are filled with all sorts of dangerous elements and enemies and Far Cry 4 is no exception. This time, the game takes players through the majestic and deadly Himalayan Mountains and according to the latest trailer, they are occupied by deadly and dangerous packs of wild elephants. 215 more words


November Will Be Gamergeddon!

So far, this year has been a game drought … We had Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein, but that was more or less it, wasn’t it? But come November, we’ll all be drowning in games – long, big games … 219 more words


late at night..

So its currently 3:07 am and Im so amazingly hyper considering I had school and a super long detention. Im reminiscing on old Justin Bieber songs like common denominator and confident. 126 more words

Destiny; My Mental Health Rejects You...

A post today about the new game Destiny, not a typical post for this blog, but it ties into mental health and my gaming passion. I wanted this game, I wanted it bad, but one small decision the developers made has turned me off purchasing it and I hope it isn’t a new trend. 425 more words

Mental Health