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He watched her watery sparkly brown eyes reflect the sunlight from far. Whats going on behind those beautiful mirrors of happiness? She giggles as her friend throws a lame joke because thats how childish she is. 173 more words

Bond 1

Amortization of the Discount / Premium

Effective Interest Method

Current Value × Yield = Interest Expense

Face Value x Coupon = Cash (Debit)

Premium and Discount is the “Plug”.   68 more words


Fixed Asset / Intangible 1

Capitalization of Land

From the excavation point, it cannot be capitalized.

Improvement (Capitalize or Expense)

  1. Extends the useful life of Asset.
  2. Increase the number of units produced…
  3. 126 more words

Inventory / Fixed Asset 1

Lower of Cost or Market (LCM) Method : one of the method to determine the value of the inventory

  1. Determine the 3 value. …
  2. 169 more words

At Least we Made it this Far-Relient K

Great lyrics, amazing songwriting, good guitar work, excellent vocals. Really good song.

Slow beat song for a lazy day!


Sulfide Certified




Band Of The Week: Black Map

I’ve talked about this band a lot, reviewed their shows and interviewed them. They are one of the best new bands I’ve heard in a long time. 164 more words

Band Of The Week