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“From the time of Newton, leading scientists had believed that the universe was governed by mechanical laws: material objects held energy and inflicted forces. To them, the surrounding space was nothing more than a passive backdrop.

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Water Sprite

Here’s another photograph from the vault that’s in keeping with my current penchant for abstract images. I took this one in May of 2008.

I try to capture water in unusual ways – to show facets of it that people don’t usually see. 197 more words

Black And White

4.4 Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law

Faraday’s Law

  • Induced e.m.f. is directly proportional to the rate of change of flux linkage.
  • The magnitude of the e.m.f. can be shown by the gradient of a flux linkage against time graph.
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Nurchering Curiosity and Creativity in the Young

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is that of curiosity. Curiosity of where things come from and how they are made and a sense of adventure fun and creativity to have a go. 337 more words


Rutherford 'A' Football vs Faraday, 5/12/14

With temperatures marginally above freezing, a much-changed Rutherford side stepped out of the dining hall and began the trek to the new Holywell rubber crumb to face unbeaten Faraday. 567 more words


Biblical literalism as blasphemy

“[T]he book of nature, which we have to read, is written by the finger of God.” (Michael Faraday, On Mental Education)

If the biblical account of creation is literally true, then the creator is maliciously lying in the great book of nature, which plainly says otherwise. 271 more words