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An overview of school life

Fraser has sent in this mash-up of some of the best comments from his teachers over the years. He unfortunately can’t remember the ‘incident’ alluded to by his Physics teacher. 166 more words

EMP and all that

Lookie there, instant sunshine! But what happens next?
During the first few milliseconds the “pop” also generates a massive wide band electrical pulse that fries your delicate electronics. 584 more words


Faraday Shields for Preppers


By Charles Henry

Everybody throws around the term “Faraday shields” or Faraday cages, but let’s be specific about what it is and how it is a must item for preppers. 1,003 more words

How To Do Things For Yourself

A Fortnight at the Royal Institution

I’ve been on my Professional Internship at The Royal Institution for two weeks now, and what a fun two weeks it’s been!

The Ri is an amazing place. 834 more words