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How (not) to protest at the US Embassy, according to the Thai junta

Originally published at Siam Voices on July 10, 2014

We recently mentioned the foreign reactions (and sanctions) of the international community in the aftermath of the military coup in Thailand, and the reaction of the Thai military junta. 982 more words


Rage Against the Copy Machine

Its official. I have a nemesis. He is about four feet tall, strong build, and has a hot temper….no its not one of my students….its the copy machine (obviously, the title was a bit of a spoiler)! 525 more words

#Kanchanaburi #Thailand: Reflections, Wrap-ups, End Games and Swan Songs

For the last month, after abruptly cutting a tour of Laos short, I’ve been “looking for Thailand,” so to speak, just as others before me have gone “looking for America,” making my (probably) last tour (maybe, that is), seeing if there’s anything I forgot, seeing if there’s anything I missed, seeing if there’s anything I should come back for, and eventually writing it all up—my ‘swan song’ so to speak, for a country I spent about a decade of my life in, depending on how you count. 602 more words

Taste of Helsinki: a celebration of food

I lohove food, good food is the best and most promising way to put a perpetual smile on my face, works also well with bribery or apologies. 464 more words

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Westerner murders Thai Girlfriend

Police arrest American wanted for Pattaya murder of his 19-year-old Thai girlfriend.

The American teacher who was wanted by Pattaya for allegedly murdering his Thai girlfriend… 264 more words


Hollywood Parkour or: Why I Didn't Like Chaps on Tour USA

The title says it all, but put plainly…I didn’t like Storror’s latest video release, Chaps on Tour USA. I know, f*** me right?

“How could I not love… 1,884 more words


Sponsoring a Thai Girlfriend

Sponsoring Your Thai Girl Friend!…What is sponsoring and why do you want to sponsor her, how much money should you send her?

Men, visiting Thailand, the, ‘land of smiles’ enjoy the bars, hot weather and disco’s with their loud music and stunning hostesses. 582 more words