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"Research Computing News" Summary

UDaily recently posted an article titled “Research computing news” announcing that the University of Delaware has just created its second community computing cluster called Farber in honor of David Farber, a University of Delaware Professor, inspired by the first cluster, the Mills High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. 133 more words


CDC nonsense revisited... Again

source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1165664

Come on, this is classic. It appears to be yet another textbook case of defaming the messenger (Hooker) and massaging/suppressing the message ( 627 more words


Circus At The Levant

“Being a Jew isn’t like being Black or being gay or being a woman, or even Israeli where many Jews come from. Being a Jew is a choice, like being a Blood or Crip.

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