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Things That I Have Learned In Colombia

Things That  I Have Learned In Colombia

“Once a year, go someplace that you haven’t been before.”  Dalai Lama

If you don’t come back from Colombia with your suitcase smelling from coffee, something is wrong. 695 more words


News Roundup - 9 April 2014

Part 2 in the new series of blogposts on the Intercross blog examining the Authorization for the Use of Military Force: The AUMF and IHL at the inflection point… 109 more words


Porque o Nazismo é de esquerda e porque a esquerda é totalitária.

A certificação de metodologias que nos auxiliam a lidar com a execução dos pontos do programa oferece uma interessante oportunidade para verificação dos paradigmas corporativos. Por outro lado, a complexidade dos estudos efetuados facilita a criação do sistema de participação geral. 621 more words


National prosecutor claims solving select Unión Patriótica assassinations a priority

After decades of denial, Colombia hinted this week it could be serious about investigating the thousands of deaths of Unión Patriótica party members.

That the state could be unable to convict many of the thousands of assassins is beyond belief, especially since its long been established that military and security forces planned and participated in the campaign of political genocide. 544 more words

Peace And Politics

Bomb severs transporation links between Popayán and Cali

Stay in Popayán long enough and sooner or later your connection to the world slips away, whether it be severed by bombs, blockades, or earthquakes. 477 more words

Peace And Politics

Connecting Colombias 69 views away from minor milestone, one thousand views in a month

Paramilitaries threatening to play football with a politician´s head, confused guerrillas opening fire on a fellow leftist´s presidential-campaign convoy and an environmental disaster that causes thousands of animals to die of thirst, are a few of the subjects in the files of… 374 more words

Peace And Politics

Human rights workers, union leaders massacred while Colombia talks peace with FARC

The massacre of Colombian human rights defenders and union leaders continues at an alarming rate, unaffected by peace talks, an Amnesty International investigator said this week. 277 more words

Peace And Politics