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Ossurworld NFL Awards Before the Rewards

With some much self-congratulation and selfies, we have decided to award some much deserved honor and heap accolades where heaps of rotten tomatoes might otherwise follow. 276 more words

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One Way to Kill a Laugh



We love Westerns, and we are horrified by something called A Million Ways to Die in the West. If writer/producer/director/star Seth McFarlane thinks he is any of the above, we beg to differ. 272 more words

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Gutenbergery IIII: In the Navy!

I’m still not done with the OCR, but I have another humorous chapter from a different book, “Frank on a Gun-Boat” by Harry Castlemon. 2,304 more words

Project Gutenberg

Roger Goodell: Profile in Courage

DATELINE: Slapstick

If President John F. Kennedy were going to assemble more nominees for his sequel to Profiles in Courage, Roger Goodell has put his name up for consideration. 266 more words

State of Emergency, Chaos, Discord and the NFL

DATELINE: Goodell Had by All

Commissioner Roger Goodell gave a press conference to start Super Bowl weekend in which he played the role of Alfred E. 265 more words

Soundless Super Bowl for Hernandez Jurors

DATELINE: Sports Unfunny

Judge Susan Garsh is taking center stage during the trial of Aaron Hernandez. Her newly colored coif and multi-colored ascots frame her otherwise pasty old face. 238 more words

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Sports Media Exaggerations


Buffoons of sports, better known as media insiders of the NFL, have embarrassed themselves with imperfect metaphors.

For example, one maroon has compared Brady’s deflated footballs to the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. 247 more words

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