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A Historical Account of the Ten Mad Kings

The oldest of the kingdoms in the world, and the only one to have survived since the beginning of recorded history, is the Northern Realm. The kingdom has many names, Scarletto, Jursin, Doeph, Kalme, Scarletta, Seran, Ghosi, Bitte, Juradae, the True Maltrin, to name a few. 537 more words



New cover artwork for the second edition of my novel Bubble Goes Bang, due to be published in January 2015.

Graphic Design

Death of QB Salesmen: Manning, Rodgers, & Brady

DATELINE: Inadvertent Advert Humor

Tom Brady’s opponents make terrible TV commercials.

You know the entire story of Peyton Manning who for years now has moonlighted as a Papa John’s pizza waitress. 236 more words

Politics & Society

Trends Within Anime/Manga/Light Novels - A History (read: "Farce")

Today we will be discussing the state of, and trends within, the Anime/Manga/Light Novel industry. The industry is complex, and composed of several attributes, including those of genre, trope, and… 946 more words


Boston Peace Talks with Lester & Ramirez To Start

DATELINE: 2015 Red Sox Turmoil

The Red Sox have signed their biggest tandem of hitters since Dick Stuart and Roman Mejias in 1962. And, we all know how that turned out. 240 more words

Politics & Society

On Liberty

To the modern man, the rights and freedoms that are enjoyed are a given. He couldn’t even begin to conceive of a world where he did not have them. 327 more words


Obama Just Got Punked by the Chinese: They Won’t Honor New Climate Change Deal

Source: Daily Signal, by Stephen Moore, 11/23/2014

That sound you’re hearing from across the Pacific is the Chinese rulers and Beijing laughing at us. 572 more words