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The New Flipping Flipper: David Ortiz of the Red Sox


Not since that aquatic Flipper have we seen someone quite so agile enough to be called the New Flipper, but David Ortiz of the Red Sox has now taken on the task of being the new bat-flipping flipper. 241 more words

Boston Red Sox

Honky Tonk Freeway (1981)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 4 out of 10

4-Word Review: Get off on it!

This exceedingly free-form style narrative follows several different oddball travelers from all areas of the country who converge on the small town of Ticlaw, Florida whose citizens are trying to build an exit ramp off of the freeway or risk having all of their shops and businesses go under. 428 more words


Red Sox Fire Sale Begins!


Smarmy Ben Cherington will continue to dismantle his formerly winning 2013 team, transformed into misfits and losers in 2014.

Mike Carp, another super backup who gave a modicum of his best last season, now wants out. 246 more words

Gone to a Far, Far Better Place: Jake Peavy


The Red Sox are desperate, and no one wants to help them. So they are helping themselves by divesting themselves of former World Series stars. 236 more words

Boston Red Sox

Waitresses Dump Noodles on WEEI’s Morning Show Fool



As the world turns on Kirk Minihane, his own station now has decided his apologies were perfunctory and insincere.

WEEI has now suspended the gadfly Minihane. 242 more words

NESN Kingpin Beheads WEEI


A few days ago we called on WEEI, one of Boston’s all-sports talkfest stations, to rid itself of gadfly Kirk Minihane, a self-professed iconoclast. 232 more words

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Flash Fiction: Second-Rate Superhero In Five-Line Anapestic Meter

I would like to apologize in advance to Mrs. Henry, my junior high school English teacher, who tried so hard, and is no doubt spinning in her grave as this is published… 418 more words