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Inconsistent float operation results between clang and gcc

Compiled and run separately on OSX 10.10 and ubuntu 14.04.


void testAtan() {
  float temp1 = 62981764.0000000000000000f;
  float temp2 = (2.14859168E8f  *  atanf(temp1));
  printf("temp2: %.16f\n", temp2);

int main() {
  return 0;
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March 13, 1869

Mar 13th   Dan & I went to Dayton Horseback   I stopped at township meeting   got dinner and fed horse at Carpenters   got sugar $1,00  Candy 15 cts   lent Farley waggon

Family Life On The Farm

March 4, 1869

March 4th 1869   Real Cold   Chopped wood on the creek   Farley came to get Dan & I to Help gather corn


Family Life On The Farm

February 26, 1869

February 26 1869   Cold   Started out of town after dinner   Tavern bill, 3,80   Roads are very rough   presented my road Petition but Have to wait till the notices Have been posted 4 weeks   filed my bond with Carris & bondsman   brought out wheat Sower that Farly & I contracted for   cost $82,00 if paid by the 1st of May next   bought Nails for fence   Hatchet Pincers   Spent $48,00 in all   got Home about 8 PM   Had a cold disagreeable ride   Carris brought 500 feet of fencing   drew $209,5 at the first N Bank

Family Life On The Farm

Feds allocated $40M to Moynihan Station

The Federal Transit Administration has allocated $40 million out of its $1.9 billion budget towards the Moynihan Station project. The funds will be used towards the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and is part of a larger plan to ultimately extend Penn Station and convert the Farley Post Office train station into an Amtrak train station. [TRD


April 18 & 20, 1868

April 18th 1868   little warmer   wind fell at night   Helped Farley ½ day  PM fixed needle for Mag to make rug & quilt   E side calf pasture   Holden came in Eve Early   R grafted few cherry… 36 more words

Family Life On The Farm

April 13, 1868

The first half of April 1868 was a busy month.  Isaac rolled wheat, planted early potatoes, ploughed for oats, ploughed and set a place for apple grafts.  38 more words

Family Life On The Farm