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What would you do with 100 euros?

On 22 October 2014, the European Parliament will be voting on the EU’s 2015 budget. This can be expected to make a shocking contribution to animal suffering across Europe: historically, 40% of the EU’s total budget (55 billion euros – or 100 euros per citizen – per year) has served to prop up industrial farming via subsidies awarded under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 943 more words

Farm Animal Welfare

Gone off fish

In the growing debate on industrial animal farming, aquaculture remains largely ignored. Yet with its severe animal welfare implications, its worrying threats to human health and its disastrous environmental impact, this gigantic industry raises some very serious concerns for us all. 1,123 more words

Farm Animal Welfare

Starving the world

Two thirds of farmed animals are reared in industrial systems where they are confined, crowded and mutilated. This makes meat and dairy production the biggest cause of animal suffering worldwide. 1,109 more words

Farm Animal Welfare