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Even Prison Is Better Than This

Most farm animals no longer actually live on what our imagination pictures as a farm: a place with a red barn, a rooster on a heap of straw welcoming the day with his crow while the hens cackle enthusiastically, picking in the lush meadow. 146 more words

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Well, it’s pretty clear by now that we have two roosters in our flock.  “Buster” is a beautiful multi-colored Araucana with blue-green feet.  I guess he won’t be laying us any pink or blue eggs now.   503 more words

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Cows Living Happily Ever After?

With the evolvement from meat eaters to vegetarians some of these vegetarians have started thinking about going vegan due to the torturous situation of milk cows and the short-lived life of male calves. 200 more words

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Cue the Bird on the Blue Tractor...

After putting my finger on the point that I have more conversations and contact with animals in my day then humans, I find myself typing here! 601 more words


City Kids Get A Taste Of Ranch Life At Farm Camp

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) — Unless you grew up in the country, it’s unlikely that you ever bottle fed a calf, or held a baby pig. … 267 more words


Veganism and Feminism Intertwined

You may not know this, but in order for us to have dairy, and for dairy farmers to have a lucrative business, cows must be pregnant as often as possible, and for them to become pregnant, they are impregnated on what the industry itself terms, ‘rape racks’. 164 more words

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